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Friday, December 14, 2012

Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese flavored soft boiled eggs) 溏心蛋

My family love this Ajitsuke Tamago ( Japanese flavored soft boiled eggs ) which served in a Japanese ramen restaurant located at Subang. Usually we like to order additional eggs which cost us RM 2 for one egg. Since it is quite easy to make this at home, i made this when i cooked ramen (i found a good subsitution using local noodles) the other day.

IMG_3693 copy

Thanks to Nami Just One Cookbook described to me this marinate sauce in one of my Japan travel easy to prepare this sauce.


Boil egg in simmering water , one egg was cracked. If you ask me how not to crack the egg when boiling eggs, sorry, i don't know, hehehe..


Try to use aged eggs, so easy to peel the egg shell..

Soak eggs in marinate sauce

I tried few batches with difference timing from 6mins- 7mins, we prefer egg done at 7mins, not too runny of egg yolk but still taste soft ..


Ajitsuke Tamago (Japanese flavored soft boiled eggs)
(recipe source: Sauce seasonings as described by Nami Just One Cookbook, by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)

10 kampung eggs (organic eggs), aged eggs, weight from 54g-58g each

A pot of water enough to cover the eggs completely
A bowl of tap water

Marinate sauce seasonings

2 cups hot water
IMG_3698 copy 1 sachet of dashi stock powder
1tbsp Japanese light soy sauce and 1/2tsp dark caramel soy sauce for deeper colouring
1tbsp Mirin
1/2tbsp Sake
1tsp salt


1. Combine sauce seasonings in a bowl, set aside
2. Bring the pot of water to boil, once boiled, lower the heat to let water simmering.
3. Add in eggs and boil for 7mins (water temperature at 94C). (for my induction cooker, cook at 140C)
4. Once done, immediately cool it down it a bowl of tap water. Once cooled down, peel the eggs.
5. Add eggs into marinate sauce and marinate for 3hrs. Stir the eggs from time to time for even colouring.
6. Do not soak them for too long as the whites will turn rubbery and it might taste too salty.

Stay tuned for my easy ramen post which serve with this soft boiled eggs.
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