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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gelato, Fiorentina Bistecca and other foods, Italy 2013 意大利自由行

This will be the last post of my Italy trip. When one visit to Italy, can't avoid to take some good gelato ( Italian word for ice cream ) . We took gelato almost everyday during the trip..

Our first gelato was at Colloseum, bought from this type of stall which you can see them everywhere especially at tourist spots..

The taste wasn't impressed, but fall in love with pistachio flavour, then we keep order the same pistachio flavour for next gelato purchase ^_^..

We saw a long q at a gelato shop near Vatican city..The shop name is Old Bridge gelato 

And this gelato was the best amongst all that we had tried. and also the cheapest that we have paid..If I could recall, we paid Euro 2 for two scoops of gelato..

I had the strawberry and pistachio flavours.  I was like eating the real strawberry, so fresh ..

Another gelato shop at Rome..

still not as nice as that one we had at Old Bridge 

 This shop is located at Firenze / Florence..

This was the most expensive gelato we had during the trip, it was because the special ice cream cone with chocolate coating and nuts..
Last pistachio gelato at Cinque Terre Monterosso

This was the restaurant we had the first dinner at Firenze/Florence..went to try Firenze famous Bistecca (T-bone steak )

took this photo while on the way to the restaurant, another very Italian feel of scene..,

The name of this restaurant is Trattoria Bordino 

Creamy spaghetti with thinly white truffle,quite good..


Famous Firenze's Bistecca (T-bone steak) , but we couldn't accept this type of rare and bloody steak (sorry forgot to take the picture after cut ) , like eating a whole cow, LOL..They will not ask you the preference of doneness of the steak, so if you can't take rare steak, don't go to try..
 Surprisingly this not good looking and simple spinach veggie dish was our favourite dish from all dishes we ordered..
We went to this restaurant at Firenze/Florence after returned from Cinque Terre. Since it was late (around 9.30pm), we simply went to this restaurant to take a light dinner, and this was our first not so  good Italian meal  !!
We ordered Bruschetta (grilled bread with topping as a starter or Antipasto (開胃前菜) . 
The topping on the bread was porcini mushroom and ham. We can't accept how they prepared the porcini mushroom, the gravy tasted like glue !

Creamy Tortellini  with ham

Tiramisu was the worst, it was watery with iced water..i guess this was frozen Tiramisu, and they thaw it before serve us..

Only this gnocchi tasted nice, but the portion was too small
This is my last post of the Italy trip, Thanks for following all these posts..


victoria bakes said...

oh man... love the gelato.....

Rose world said...

I love gelato!!! Drooling.

CQUEK said...

oh yes gelato and all the good food.. thanks for the photos ... i can imagine travelling with you.

PH said...

Wah, eat gelato everyday until siao! I like lah!

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...

ice cream好像开成了一朵花

ICook4Fun said...

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful Italy pictures with us.

Fern @ To Food With Love said...

All your photos are making me hungry...those pasta photos....looks so yum....
I love pistachio gelato too! My fav (my kids don't like it though! haha all for me!).
I like the way you photographed the gelato..it's like saying "come and get it...no sorry you can't have any!" :-)

ibundo said...

Can feel the water in my mouth. Looks so sedap maa...

Ana Regalado said...

Sonia , one of your BEST post yet lol Gahhhhh Pistachio gelato *sigh*

Anna said...

Dear, can i ask how many days u spent in Italy?

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