Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to make Creamwell Buttercream (Krim Well) 旧式牛油霜

This creamwell buttercream is cheap, stable and able to withstand in hot weather, perfect for decoration..It was widely used for decoration of Birthday cake and wedding cake by bakery shop in old time. Nowadays you still can find this kind of cake in pasar malam or small town..

What you need- golden syrup, margarine Creamwell, and butter.
You can get creamwell from bakery ingredients shop..

How to make Creamwell Buttercream
(recipe source: by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)

250g margarine Creamwell
125g butter (salted)
50g golden syrup

1. Beat butter till pale and fluffy.


2. Add in margarine Creamwell, continue to beat till fluffy.


3. Last add in golden syrup, beat till mix well.

4. Keep this buttercream in a plastic container, and store in room temperature for later use.



  1. margarine Creamwell 我好像没有看过哦,在烘培店都可以买到吗??

  2. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Could I use any other margarine? I've never come across this Creamwell margarine.

  3. 娇娇 and Veronica, you can get this type of margarine from bakery ingredients shop.

  4. seems very easy le..
    but eat is still easier .. kakaka

  5. hi, Sonia..
    May i know how long we could store the Creamwell Buttercream in room temperature? Thank you .. :)

  6. Siew Hwei, since this was my 1st time did this buttercream, i was not too sure how long it can be kept in room temp. But i suppose it could be kept for few days.

  7. thanks for this buttercream recipe Sonia. wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. noted. Thanks for the recipe and information..:)

  9. Hi! The cake that you made looks amazing! Bet it tastes as good as it looks. I was wondering where did you buy the creamwell magarine. Do you any idea if i am able to find it in Singapore? Or where do you buy it in malaysia? Thanks! Looking forward to more recipes to come! :)

  10. SG anonymous, i am not too sure where you can buy this cream in SG, maybe you can try to go those bakery ingredients shop.

  11. Hi! The cakes look yummy! May I know where to get the golden syrup? Is it a honey? And where to get the Buttercream in Klang? Thanks for sharing the recipe! =)

  12. Another new term and item I've learnt from you. Thanks Sonia, your site is always so usefule to me

  13. Very useful and simple to make buttercream. Thanks!

  14. Very useful post. I've always grumbled at how the cream melts in our heat. Thanks for sharing this, Sonia!

  15. Very useful info , Sonia ! I bet that creamwell margarine is the same as shortening ?! :D I've read somewhere that using part shortening makes frosting sturdier and stable and can withstand hot weather ....

  16. Hi Sonia,

    Will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow. Hope to bake a cake today. Can I substitute the golden syrup with icing sugar? How much icing sugar to add?


  17. Shirlynn, yes, you can use icing sugar, but i am not sure the amount, maybe you can add little by little and adjust it accordingly.

  18. this is a very nice durian tart recipe. I once tried the durian tong sui in a malay cuision restaurant and I thought it was the best dessert I have ever tried. Do you have recipe for it?

  19. My brother told me once that his bakery shop is using maxwell cream for cakes. thank for explaining how to make in details.

  20. Sonia, you did a very delicious cake with this creamwell cream. I thought that is shortening readymade buttercream cause that what was the store owner told me so. I have never tried it before. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post. Sounds wonderful.
    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. Actually, just got back after spending almost a week with my parents. Then spent 2 days at my brother's place at Klang on my way back. Found a beautiful pastry pan at UrbanFresh supermarket.
    Have a lovely evening.

  21. Finally I make it!! After at least 6 months have it bookmarked... But kinda disappointed as it actually tasted salty.. Is it meant to be? I tried to varies it by adding some melted chocolate to pipe out. Yet to really eat the cake as a whole . I'm not sure to keep in fridge or room temperature before have it send for my "tasters" finally keep them in fridge as lately the weather is just too hot. Hope the journey there will noT melt it... Stored my extra in container inside fridge. Is it advisable?

  22. hi.

    i just wanna know whether this buttercream is too sweet or not.. had tried the wilton buttercream recipe and it is too sweet..



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