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Chinese paper wrapped cupcakes 紙包蛋糕

We just went to Macau for few days short visit. It was a last minutes plan, booked quite a low air fares but later only realized that the hotel rate there was quite high. Anyway, we were enjoyed many nice foods there but also tasted some foods that we don't like. This time, I have a chance to try this famous cake in Hong Kong and Macau, paper wrapped cake or cupcake 紙包蛋糕. The first one I tried actually not as nice as expected. Anyway, I found a good one at an old Char Chan Teng (local coffee shop) which they bake freshly paper wrapped cupcakes daily. Their cake was light, fluffy and full of egg aroma.


After I saw my friend Jane did this cake earlier, I also quickly got myself few of these special flower shape metal cups (梅花盏 ) and I also got the 牛油紙 or parchment paper (Also Thanks to my Hong Kong blogger friend who helped me to get the cups and paper) . Anyway, after two years then I only started to use this cups ^_^.
I follow an easy way to line the paper in this metal cup.

I chosen the egg sponge cake 鸡蛋糕 recipe that popular amongst Chinese bloggers. This cake recipe is similar like making chiffon cake except this recipe only use eggs but no other liquid is added. Ya I made the right choice, this cake is almost taste exactly like that nice one I tasted at Macau.
Furthermore, the cake didn't shrink after cool down.

Chinese paper wrapped cupcakes 紙包蛋糕
*makes 7 standard flower metal moulds  

3 egg white (large or A size)
65 icing sugar, sifted (or you may replace with 65g caster sugar and 5g corn starch, mix together)
3 egg yolk (large or A size)
1 whole egg
50g corn oil
65g self-raising flour (or you may replace with cake flour + 1/2tsp baking powder)

Special flower metal cupcake cases or you may replaced any cups that is suitable for baking
Parchment paper or 牛油紙


  1. Mix egg yolks, 1 whole egg and corn oil in a mixing bowl, use a hand balloon whisk, beat till light.
  2. Sift in self-raising flour, stir to mix well till a smooth thick batter.
  3. Use a electric hand mixer, beat egg white till foamy, then gradually add in icing sugar, beat till stiff peak formed.
  4. Add 1/3 of meringue with egg yolk batter, stir till light. Then fold in the rest of meringues, fold to well combine (you can use hand balloon whisk at last if you still see meringue not fold well).
  5. Line the metal cupcake case with baking paper, fill the batter with piping bag, then pipe the batter into cupcake case.
  6. Bake at a pre-heated oven at 170C (middle rack, no fan) for 30mis.
  7. Remove from the oven, immediately remove cakes from the case, and lay them on wire rack to cool down.
Recipe source: as seen at Eileenblogspot, original recipe from Facebook


  1. Welcome back! I smell the aroma of the cupcakes and quickly come and grab some! tasty!

  2. This is one of my favourite sponge cake. Yours look so light and fluffy. Well done again Sonia!

  3. Another type of nice good spongy cake from you again. Love it.

  4. These really looks soft & fluffy

  5. welcome back sonia, guess u hv a great moment in Macau.

    Nice cupcake and looks yummy

  6. Sonia, this cake must bake this high only looks macam-macam like the one that you had in the Macau kopitiam. I want to make & want to make it looks exactly like this, hahaha. Let me go to shop around, see whether can find a similar height molds or else you must belanjar me next time I go back to Malaysia, hehe. Looking forward to see your Macau photos.

  7. how fluffy!!! lovely cupcakes u've baked Sonia

  8. 欢迎回来哦

  9. Welcome back, waiting to see your Macau trip photos...

  10. very neat & spongy cupcakes..they look so good

  11. Sonia....your sponge cupcake turned out great ;) lovely!

  12. Oh oh I mesti cuba ni Sonia.Cantik.

  13. Welcome back Sonia! These sponge cupcakes are so soft and adorable.

  14. Hi Sonia, I tried your Golden Sponge Cake. Rose beautifully but shrink even with your warning but taste good. I think I have to try these small cupcakes and hope it will be as lovely as yours.

  15. I love the look of these old time classic. Yours turned out really well.

  16. On est toujours sûrs de découvrir de nouvelles gourmandises chez toi.
    Une recette que je rajoute à celles que j'ai déjà mises de côté.
    A bientôt

  17. I love this type of eggy cake! So nice to just use baking paper, no need to buy cupcake liners :)

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  19. Sonia, this is the cake I love when I was young, must go get the moulds liao heeheehee...

  20. Good morning Ms Sonia,
    Looking forward to more post on your Macau trip...

  21. I don't think these kind of cups available here. I've been to so many shops but have yet seen anything like this except the Indian stainless glass. Guess, that is good as well. haha...

  22. Very determined that this will be my weekend project!

  23. Your article is very helpful thank you very much for sharing .

  24. Those paper-wrapped cakes are popular over here ! I haven't eaten it for quiet sometime though :P Yours look the same as the ones we have here !

  25. Hi
    Where do u buy the flower mold?

  26. Hello! I couldnt find the flower mould, so is it okay to use short muffin tins? Should I half the baking time too since the size of the tin is halved?

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  28. Its really a good article and all your post are really excellent. i will bookmark this site to come back again thank you.
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  30. Thank you for the recipe. My first try (2nd attempt though)with your recipe turned out to be a success. Light fluffy texture, and not too sweet. I love it. My first attempt was with a different but similar recipe but the end result was a cupcake that tasted like a rock.

    For others who wonder. I was lazy I did not use a whisk. I used an electric hand mixer for everything, starting with the white eggs first and finish with the rest. Less cleaning but I did fold everything by hand with a spatula at the end. That part has to be slow and gentle I guess. I used olive oil instead of canola, and a 12-regular cupcake pan with liner and bake for about 20 minutes.

  31. Ha ! A recipe for my favorite cupcake. I had these when I was a child. I found them again on a trip to NY's Chinatown
    I have to drive out of my way an asian market, to get these but they aren't very good.

    I had walked into Chinese bakeries nearby ( no, they didn't have those cupcakes ) and described them to the cashiers and they had no idea what I was talking about.
    One day, I just happen to express my frustrations on locating these and a friend knew exactly what I was talking about. She thinks that they're called Paper Wrap Cake or Bao .
    So I googled it, not expecting to get any hits so this is wonderful surprise. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks.

  32. Oh my lord. YES. This recipe was an absolute success! Just finished baking it in the middle of the night and upon tasting it i had to leave a review. The cake was very eggy but soft and fluffy. Exactly the way I wanted it to be. It was the perfect amount of sweetness for me, but my sweet toothed sister preferred it to have an extra dash of sugar. Oh I also didnt use a butterfly mould, instead I used any regular muffin shaped tin I could find and eyeballed the time.
    No doubt I will be making this again VERY soon. Im glad i stumbled upon this recipe.

  33. I am a beginner. And this always my favorite cup cake, would love to try to make one.
    If i cant find self rising flour, what kind of flour should i use? All purposed or low protein or high protein?
    And the oven it self is it set in both upper and lower heat?
    Thanks a lot

  34. Big thank you Sonia.

    I made it yesterday night and it was exactly what I am looking for.
    very soft and the sweetness is just right.
    I love it and will bake it often.
    I bake it in cupcake liner.

    thank you.


  35. I just made those cupcakes using your recipe and come out wonderful. This recipe is a keeper

  36. Hi, I've used this wonderful recipe for many batches of egg spongy cake, but why does my cake shrink after I took it out of the oven?

  37. Can I ask if anyone has tried to freeze these cakes at all - I need to make a lot for a party and need to make them I advance ideally.
    Thank you


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