Thursday, December 4, 2014

Boxing Chicken 铁公鸡

Today I managed to find some time to cook this Boxing chicken. This Boxing chicken is just normal deep fry chicken wings, but the tricky part is you have to debone two parts of the chicken wings. Recently I learnt the Chinese name of this dish called as 铁公鸡 ( an iron cock) ^_^

For the mid wing, you have to remove the small bone, and this part is most yummy part than the drummet.

For drummet, it was much easy to make into lollipop shape!

I cooked a pot of pumpkin rice (that two pumpkin flowers are from my garden ^_^) enjoy with these Boxing chicken.
Boxing Chicken 铁公鸡 

8 chicken wings
Oil for deep frying
For the marinate
1 and 1/2tsp light soy sauce
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar

1/2tsp sesame oil
White pepper
1/4tsp Chinese five-spices powder
1tsp grated ginger
1tsp grated garlic 

For the coating
6tbsp corn flour
2tbsp plain flour
1tbsp rice flour
1/4tsp salt 


  1. Remove the chicken tip, separate chicken mid wing and drummet.
  2. Take the chicken mid wing, use a sharp knife cut around one end, slowly cut and push the meat and skin to separate from the bone. Remove the small bone and left only one big bone. Then pull the meat down to get little chicken lollipop. Repeat the rest. As for drummet, do the same thing except you don’t need to remove the small bone.
  3. Marinate the chicken with all seasonings for at least 2 hours.
  4. Coat the chicken with flour mixture, repeat the rest till finished.
  5. Deep fry in batches till golden and crispy. Serve with sweet chili sauce.

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


  1. Waahhhh.......pasti sedap!!! Wish you have a video showing how you done the drummets. Well, no worries...

  2. Sounds quite difficult but I bet it tastes good. Enjoy your day Diane

  3. I always know this is called boxing chicken but didnt know the chinese name, so special lol.

  4. i'm so glad i didn't miss this post. it looks too good and cute to serve as a quick bite for parties! tks for sharing on the deboning pictures

  5. Hi Ah Chi,
    I am attracted by your yummy '铁公鸡'
    My kids will love this fried chicken to bits.

  6. They really look like 'boxing' each other, so cute!

  7. My kids call them lollipop chicken. Looks like KFC, yummy!

  8. Boxing Chicken - what a name! Perfect for serving on Boxing Day, eh? Look delicious too. Thanks for sharing Sonia.

  9. Yummy...Delicious. It is my family favourite. Photo so perfectly beautiful. I am drooling over your food.

  10. Fried chicken, my all time favourite ^_^

  11. Looks good and yummy. Hehe looks like u r using your Le Creuset a lot, good investment :)

  12. All this while, I thought only drummet is used for 铁公鸡 :P


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