Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe, Ara Damansara

I just realized I'm getting older, because my daughter (she is eldest) just turned 12 years old, I can't imagine time fly like rocket, hahaha...
Nowadays children are so lucky, when comes to their Birthday, they will ask you to bring them for a good dinner. This time, I brought her to this restaurant which I just recently knew via Ai Wei's blog.
This restaurant is hottest restaurant among blogger..I noticed a lot of youngsters carry sophisticated camera shot here and there, I guess they all are blogger... I realized I'm the oldest blogger among them !!!!

-As usual, I bake a birthday cake for her, pandan layer chiffon cake, very ugly decorated..paiseh..

- very cute comic strips menu..

-They even print the recipe on the menu, amazing..

-How could you resist to enjoy dinner with comic drawing on the wall..

- Not much of choices in the menu, this is good for me, if too many, I will headache what to choose..

- Set lunch, very reasonable price, about RM 12.90 - RM 18.90, consists of main course, drink and soup.

-Few of the corners at this restaurant, you can also do shopping here, clothes, shoes, accessories & etc are available.


  1. The Birthday Cake looks good to me and Happy Birthday to your daughter :D

  2. never been there...wish can go there 1 day.. :p

  3. 大儿子之前回来时,有天带女朋友去那吃晚餐,也是拍了一堆相片给我看...

  4. Anncoo, Thank you.

    Agnes, try it out.

    Nancy, that's great, your son already got girl friend, for me, I still have to wait for 10 more years kua, hahaha..The food is just normal kind of Western food, chicken chop, grilled chicken, mushroom soup & etc. I guess all peoples go there for the nice envinroment. But be careful when you go there, a lot of vacant shops, so a bit dark there. Better bring your daughter during lunch time, they have good value set lunch.

  5. does ur daughter love this place? happy birthday to your daughter. how nice, my parents din even bring me out for a nice meal when i was 12. @@
    u are a great mum.

    and hor, the pandan cake is good looking ar!!! must be yummylicious.

    this place seems to change a long especially the menu. i miss my great time there :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!she must be enjoyed her birthday treat so much, you are a great mum..^_^
    This place looks nice and the birthday cake looks lovely to me too..^_^

  7. Actually the pandan layer birthday cake looks delicious !

    It is a good design of a restaurant with comics around.
    The only thing is I can't get to see clearly what did you eat ?

  8. happy belated birthday to your daughter and good luck for her UPSR.

  9. Ai Wei, ya, my daughter love this place, she ask me must bring her again..

    Rachel, the birthday cake actually tasted great, but just the decoration quite ugly lor..

    Bakeling, ok, foods that we ordered, chicken chop, smoked salmon salad, grilled chicken, focaccia bread, mashed potato & etc..I like to see they use fresh herbs to decorate the dish..

    Cindy, Thank you.

  10. 迟来的祝福。。祝你女儿



  11. Happy Birthday to your daughter! At her age, she picked a fancy restaurant, at my daughter age, she will pick a children playground restaurant. they change right?

  12. I've heard a lot about this place but have never been there. The cake looks awesome!

  13. Happy Belated birthday to your daughter ^^

  14. It must be awesome for your little princess as the place is full of lovely things and also food! :)

  15. Cute restaurant, I like the decor and setting is very interesting.

    I like the birthday cake you bake! I thought it's nicely decorated, what do you not like about the cake decoration?

    Your kid is very lucky!

  16. J.O, your one only 3 years old, thatmeans you are younger than me lor, earlier I thought you are older than me, because you always called yourself 老娘,hahaha, but yesterday I just noticed your photo, you are so pretty and for cake decoration, I did not attend any lesson, just use my guard feeling, but I agreed with you, 越多就越纯熟..Thanks for your wishes..

    LCOM, wait until she like my daughter age, you will know, hahaha..

    pigpigcorner, Happyland and Big boy ovens, Thanks so much.

    Colin, ya, this is a cute cafe, especially those youngster,for me, so so only. About the cake decoration, the cream was so urgly decorated, surface not even, cake also cut not even, some thick and some thin, and the pandan layer also apply not this because I didn't attend any classes, no proper tool, & etc. But all these are excuses, like J.O, 越多就越纯熟..

  17. glad that ur princess like here. hehe, sure capture a lot of photos that day :)

  18. 我以為生日蛋糕是餐廳做的呢!您的手藝真的好極了。

  19. 哎呀~过了30也不年轻了


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