Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mushroom hotpot, Ashima Ho Chi Minh

When my husband said his counterpart recommended us to eat mushroom hotpot, my 1st reaction was " Can eat one or not? mushroom steamboat,no no, I still prefer to eat Vietnamese foods" , but last, I still forced to go Ashima mushroom hotpot restaurant and really had no expectations.

Luckily I go otherwise I will miss this interesting and delicious mushroom hotpot. You'll be amazed by how many different kind of mushroom offered on the menu, and it will be overwhelming. If you are 1st time here, you can ask for recommendation from the staff. We choose chicken & Chinese herbs broth, since only two of us, we just ordered beef, veggie and instant noodle (this is good).

After added all ingredients in the mushroom soup, the soup was super super sweet and delicious, this was the best soup I have ever had...

And the dipping sauce was great too...

- The staff recommended us to order " Yellow morel mushroom " and " Tigris Claw mushroom" as she said these are best to accompany with beef which we intended to order...

- Add some mushroom soup to this dipping sauce, yummy yummy....

-My camera run out of battery when i want to take these pictures, no choice, use my phone to take these....
Even mushroom is not your favourite , I still suggest you to give a try. Actually this is something similar to our steamboat here, but you can't get so many different types of mushrooms here. Strongly recommend you to give a try..don't missed it when you visit to HCM...


  1. for a moment, i tot this shop is in KL.. :)
    nice for a change to take broth as steamboat.. once i went to a steamboat shop here in ipoh, serving pumpkin porridge as soup instead, the rest of the dishes were the same.. now i heard this shop has closed down..ipoh ppl dont know how to appreciate this kind of steamboat..

  2. Even mushroom is not your favourite , I still suggest you to give a try ====> oh nono! I am a mushroom person so this restaurant is a must try to me thats for sure!

  3. I love mushroom,the mushroom hotpot sounds interesting to me..yummy!! ^_^

  4. Oh yes, what a great idea to use different type of fresh mushroom for steamboat.

  5. 各式各樣的mushroom,都有其高度營養價值,煮火鍋,一定非常鮮美好吃。

  6. Reanaclaire, never heard pumpkin porridge steamboat in KL here, for me, I will not try too, I dont really like pumpkin, and I feel full for that porridge steamboat, prefer cleaar broth..

    Mia, did you notice any similar mushroom hotpot shop at your area? if yes, you must go and try, the mushroom (some is wild mushroom) tasted super sweet, very refreshing..

    Rachel, ya, this mushroom hotpot is really good.

    LCOM, you will amaze many types of mushroom they serving there..

    Smarthousewife, ya, they are just very healthy, they serve some wild mushroom too, you must try it if you happen visit to HCM or Hanoi.

  7. Sonia , Luckily you went for this mushroom hotpot or else you will miss this 人间美食 !

  8. Mushroom steamboat is my kinda thing. I'll sure love this place!

  9. Bakeling, I alway lucky when come to food, hehehe..

    npm, a restaurant that you must visit if you happened to be there.

  10. I love mushroom, I bet I will love this restaurant too. Mushroom is a good ingredient to make soup base, I think.

    Maybe you can try this at home and let us know how to do it so we all can enjoy it!

  11. Colin, I will love to try it at home but I can't, because I can't get that kind of special mushrooms in the supermarket here.. too bad..


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