Monday, June 9, 2014

Macau 2014 (Places)_ part 1 澳門自由行

I have been wanted to visit Macau, soon I gotten quite a low air fares during the school holidays, I immediately booked this last minutes trip. Later I realized that the hotel room rates in Macau were quite high. Since our main purpose were not going to their famous casino, so we have plenty of time to visit other places, this is so called free and easy trip, no rush and be relax ^_^.

The Ruins of St. Paul's (Portuguese: Ruínas de São Paulo, Chinese: 大三巴牌坊), visit Macau sure can't miss this place

In front of Ruins of St.Paul, a street that full of tourists shopping for Macau's famous local cookies and souvenirs.

The weather were so hot, not so nice walk under this hot sunny day..

From the side view..

Love this angle to see Ruins of St.Paul
Fortaleza do Monte 大炮台

One night, we walked to nearby Casino which located not far from the hotel (Hotel Royal Macau ) where we were stayed.

Grand Lisboa (新葡京) 


City view (I captured these photos from hotel's window), love these two pictures ! This is how Macau people living !!

One of the local wet market near the hotel we stayed..

Rice dumplings

The Senado Square, or Senate Square (Portuguese: Largo do Senado; Chinese: 議事亭前地)

Beautiful church, St. Dominic's Church (玫瑰堂)

I went in to have a quick look at this wet market

One of the famous food item in Macau is this salted fish.

I like their kangkung (water morning glory), big and crunchy

 All their roads are small and narrow, this is one the back lane..
and many parts of their road are quite hilly..
To be continued...


  1. nice photos, and i guess is was hot weather right?

  2. Nice shots!A Great place for short and relaxing holiday!:)

  3. Such lovely photos - now I feel I have been in Macau too! Glad I happened to stumble by!

  4. Ah Chi,
    Love your clicks!
    Did you get sunburn walking in that hot weather.. :p


  5. The first time I went there was with Will & my mum when we were still dating. And the 2nd time was with ny kids & parents-in-law. Looking at these pictures have brought back some sweet memories to me. Nice photos, Sonia, thanks for sharing.

  6. I was there over 15 years ago. From looking at your pictures, nothing change too much :)

  7. Nice photos..remind me the last time I was there..

  8. you will not believe this.. i'd stayed in HKG before, and now in beijing, i still go HKG like 10x a year but i shock everyone when i say i have never been to Macau! and guess what! it is this post of yours that i seen the most of Macau! hahaha.. that's why i say you truly bring me to places Sonia!

  9. 看着照片,真的觉得很热。

  10. Hey Sonia, thanks for taking along the trip. It was fun just by looking at the food & market place. Did you try the dumpling? How was it? Ya, how come their kangkung much bigger than ours! haha....
    Enjoy & have a wonderful school holiday.
    Blessings, Kristy

  11. nice lovely cliks.. enjoyed reading the post.

  12. Beautiful shots , Sonia ! I'll definitely go back there in winter and take loads of photos after seeing yours :D


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