Friday, September 5, 2014

Homemade Chinese egg noodles 全蛋面 / 油面

I think I can't retire from blogging so soon ^_^,  because I still owe many recipes to my Instagram members. One of them is this Homemade Chinese egg noodles.

Don't expect very springy (QQ) texture of this homemade noodles, since there is no chemical substance like alkaline or soda are added, also no pulling method like ramen. At first, i was thinking to use duck eggs to make this noodles as I heard duck egg produce better springy noodles. But I decided to try with chicken eggs since it is easy available at home.

I made it into oiled noodles 油面 , so it is easy for storing ..

I found use this noodle to stir fried like this Shanghai style noodle is better than made into noodles soup.

My kids said my stir fried homemade noodles tasted similar like that one they had it in London which cost me RM 50 for a box like this, "heartache " lar !! LOL.

Homemade Chinese egg noodles 全蛋面 / 油面
*make about 800g noodles 

400g plain flour
1/2tsp fine salt
4 large eggs (~220g) 


  1. Mix flour with salt together, add in eggs, then knead till smooth, cover and set aside to rest for 1hour.
  2. Divide the dough into two portions. Roll the dough out into a long shape to fit into the pasta machine. Dust with flour to keep the dough from sticking. On the machine, turn the knob to 1 for the first roll. Fold the dough back on itself and put the dough through the pasta machine again. Repeat the process for two times.
  3. Turn the knob to 2, dust flour on the sheet and put the sheet through the pasta machine, fold the dough back on itself, repeat the process for two times. Then change the knob to 3, repeat the same process of rolling.
  4. Then change to small strand cutter, divide dough sheet into 1 foot in length, put the sheet through the cutter and make small strand noodles. Sprinkle with some flour to avoid sticking.
  5. Immediately add the fresh noodles into hot boiling water, blanch in hot water for few seconds (when you see noodles are floating). Strain the noodles and pour in a big bowl, add some cooking oil to prevent from sticking.
  6. For storing, keep noodles in a plastic bag then wrap with old newspaper. Keep in the refrigerator if you intend to use it within few days times otherwise store in the freezer, thawed before used.

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


  1. Wah....wah...wah.....yellow noodles or oiled noodles you also made ? Of course, all home made food are so good and our loved ones can consume with ease of mind.

  2. I've always wanted to make my own
    pasta, noodles and so on! But
    it seems to be always quite scary
    and intimidating :P anyway thanks
    for sharing the recipe! I think
    it is so much more healthier as

  3. Hi Chi,
    Your stir fried homemade noodles looks good.
    I love your health version noodle, no alkaline water added.
    Thanks for sharing how to make them into 油面 。

  4. Sonia,你好厉害哦。自己做的面条很健康哦。
    哈哈哈 。。。。。。

  5. 真的厉害,搅面机我有,随时可以做,谢谢分享!

  6. Wow! Homemade egg noodles, nice and healthy! I love your noodle machine!

  7. I don't like those store bought 油面, too oily and too strong alkaline smell. Your homemade 油面 look healthier and delicious!

  8. This is an eye opener for me. I never knew 'oil noodles' are made this way. Great ideas for noodle days.

  9. i hv bought a noodle maker machine months ago and yet to use! i really shd try making my own homemade noodles soon..

  10. 黄澄澄的很美,很像外面卖的熟面一样。。

  11. i really want to make it.let me share your recipe. but have to buy the pasta machine. Noodles is my favourite food. thanks sis for the recipe and yummy stir fried Noodles.

  12. Hi Chi, thanks for sharing your recipe. Its scary to buy noodles with all the preservatives, this is certainly a"must-try" What sort of noodle-maker are you using, any tips please?
    Mrs Singh, Ipoh

  13. Sonia , stop that talk about retiring lol Your homemade noodles look professionally-made , the same as the oil noodles that I bought last time ! RM 50 , that's HK $ 120 , seriously ?! Ouch !

  14. Sonia, you are very clever to make homemade egg noodles. Looks so pro. Please don't retire from blogging. I learn a lot from you.

  15. wah!!! something that i will try soon. its looks like easy to make.

  16. Yes Sonia, its difficult to get the duck eggs around the market place this days. Very expensive too ! But sure duck eggs works better with noodles. More bouncy...or should I say !
    Wishing you a very happy mid-autumn restival !
    Blessings, Kristy

  17. I say, Sonia! Noodles pun you boleh buat! It is good that you can make your own because the commercial one contains a lot of chemicals and preservatives.

  18. Would love to try because I don't like eating the yellow noodles which are full of alkaline taste. Pls don't retire from blogging but maybe you can take slower pace because we learn so much from your sharing of recipes.
    Happy Mooncake festival to you and family.:)

  19. Browsing your blog once or twice a week is part of my weekly "things to do"!

    Good job Sonia! Continue Blogging!

  20. Try bread flour it will give you the QQ texture.. Thanks for sharing.

  21. this is too awesome... making our own yellow noodles... i really like this

  22. Wow you are and inspiration. Makes me go out and buy a noodle make immediately!

  23. Thanks for sharing all the lovely recipes. Do enjoy reading your blog :) Appreciate if you could share some tips on how to clean the pasta and noodle machine. TIA.

  24. Lisa, use toothpick to clean the dough stuck between the gap. Use wet cloth to rub the machine then use a dry cloth to rub till dry. Do not soak machine with water otherwise it will get rusty.

  25. Tq Nasi Lemak Lovers
    So long ive been remembering old time ever made this with my sister
    Ohsem for this refreshing, just bought this simple machine but already not in good condition. Need to do some technical work
    I must try this no preservative noodle!

  26. thanks for this recipe..i tried it out..I made some chicken soup and had the noodles in it...noodles were delicious with the soup


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