Friday, August 21, 2015

Huat Kueh (toddy version) /Sweet Rice Cakes 椰花酒发糕

I have been wanting to make Pak Tong Kueh using toddy or palm wine ( sap from palm tree). After i got a big bottle from a seafood restaurant, immediately I use it to make Pak Tong Kueh using a online recipe, but i have to throw away the kueh as it was overly sweet. So i didn't attempt again but instead proceed to make this Huat Kueh also using toddy.

Toddy or palm wine that i bought was packed in a recycle mineral water bottle.

After learnt the lesson from Pai Tong Kueh which required to proof for 8hrs. Even proof for 8 hrs, still hardly see any air bubbles and no sign of good rise. So for this Huat Kueh, i put batter under hot sun , and it took only 4 hours to rise, you can see the batter turned thicker and has small bubbles.

To make sure it has nice crack effect, also added Eno salt after batter is proof.

This Huat Kueh has QQ texture and winery aroma, nice!

Huat Kueh (toddy version) /Sweet Rice Cakes 椰花酒发糕

250g rice flour
80g coconut water
225g toddy (palm wine), shake the bottle before use
120g caster sugar (can further reduce to 110g)
1tsp Eno salt
Red colouring

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine rice flour, coconut water, toddy and caster sugar, stir to mix well.
  2. Set aside for 6-8 hours or more to rise, covered with a towel. To speed up fermentation, cover and put under hot sun, it just take 4 hours to rise.
  3. Prepare steamer, and heat up the tea cups or steaming cups .
  4. Stir in Eno salt, mix well. Divide into two portions, drop red colouring in one portion.
  5. Pour into heated tea cups (make sure heat it long enough for better crack effect), about 90% full, steam over high heat for 25mins.
  6. A well-risen cake will display a characteristic crack at the top.
  7. Remove cake once completely cool down.

Reference: Flavours lifestyle magazine, Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


  1. Sonia,你家的发糕笑的很漂亮,只是我对发糕没信心每次几乎都失败所以来看看就好了。

  2. Hi, would love to try this recipe, yours looked really good....where to get Toddy in KL? Thanks

  3. Mel, I am not sure in KL, but for Klang, you can get it at the Coconut flowers seafood restaurant at Telok Gong Klang, Google for the address . As for me,I gotten from a seafood located at Batu 8 Jalan Kapar.

  4. Hi Sonia, these huat kuihs smiled so beautifully. Very prosperous attempt...

  5. Ooh my favourite! These are so fragrant and I could just eat a few of them in one sitting. Don't think I can find Toddy in OZ though (don't know what they look like actually!) I wanna eat some :)

  6. These toddy huat kueh is really hard to find nowadays. They are so beautiful.
    Wanted to make these but only cannot find toddy. Maybe i will try to replace with my water kefir drink to see if it works.:)

  7. Hi Sonia
    Can i replace coconut water with water?


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