Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hydrangea Egg Yolk Flaky Mooncake 绣球蛋黄酥

A flaky mooncake that look like Hydrangea flower, the first mooncake that i made for this year, buttery, flaky and less sweet, so good!

Lets see how to shape this mooncake !

When you do the cutting, make sure you finished 1/4 segment 16 cuts, then only cut another segment

Wow, total 64 cuts !

I used homemade red bean paste, so it is less sweet, no burden to enjoy more!

Hydrangea Egg Yolk Mooncake 绣球蛋黄酥
*makes 6

For the water dough
63g plain flour
25g unsalted butter
8g caster sugar
25g water

For the oil dough
62g cake flour
35g unsalted butter

For the filling
120g red bean paste ( I use homemade)
3 salted egg yolks, brush with rice wine, steam for 10mins, halved

Egg wash- 1 egg yolk+1/2tbsp milk

  1. For water dough, mix plain flour, butter and sugar in a mixing bowl, rub till crumbs, add in water then combine well, do not over mix. Cover with cling film, rest for 20mins. Divide into 6 equal portions, shape to ball.
  2. For oil dough, rub cake flour with butter, slowly combine till soft dough. Cover with cling film, rest for 20mins. Divide into 6 equal portions, shape to ball.
  3. For the filling, divide red bean paste into 6 portions (20g each), then wrap red bean paste with half salted egg and shape to ball.
  4. Flatten water dough and wrap oil dough inside. Roll out into long oval shape and roll up like swiss roll. Repeat the same for the rest, keep aside to rest for 10mins.
  5. Take a swiss roll dough, place seam side up, roll into long oval shape and roll up like swiss roll. Repeat the same for the rest, keep aside to rest for 10mins.
  6. Take a swiss roll dough, place your thumb at the middle, then bring both ends to the centre, lightly shape into ball. Repeat the same for the rest.
  7. Place a piece of cling film on the chopping board or worktop, roll dough ball into a round disc (around 11-12cm diameter, this diameter is important as it should be able to cover the whole red bean ball ), make 4 cuts but remain about 3cm at the centre, then continue to cut, each ¼ segment should have 16 cuts, total 64 cuts.
  8. Slowly hold the cling film together with cut round disc, place a red bean ball at the centre, then wrap and seal the red bean ball, remain some strips to let it look like hydrangea flower. Please make sure secure it tightly to avoid it break while baking. Place on lined baking tray.
  9. Apply egg wash at the top, bake in pre-heated oven at 170C for 30mins.
  10. Cool well before cutting and storing.

First seen at May blogspot, adapted from original recipe by 小小米桶, with minor changes to the oil dough


  1. Cantik sangat sangat your kuih bulan ni.Saya baru siap buat homemade golden syrup untuk kuih bulan traditional.

  2. Sonia, 你的绣球花月饼做的很漂亮!
    我的月饼还没开工, 看了这花儿让我心动动了, 嘻嘻。。

  3. Such a skillful interpretation of traditional mooncake! Can you make lotus paste version too? That's my favourite mooncake filling :D

  4. Andre, you can just replaced red bean paste with lotus paste, same shaping method.

  5. This is really nice and gorgeous looking mooncake. I like this....

  6. Thank you so much for all your posts

  7. 好pandai哦。这个酥饼做得很美丽。

  8. Hi, how long can keep the mooncake ?

  9. Well done, Sonia. I've been eyeing on this design years back and you've tempted me to make them. Can't wait to join you too ! hehe...
    Have a great week ahead dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  10. Joanne, since i used homemade red bean paste without preservative, so i can only kept for 3 days in room temp. If you use store bought, should be able to store 1 week. But i will advise you to consume this mooncake soonest possible, as the crust will turn soggy the next day.


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