Thursday, September 17, 2015

Raisin Bread Buns with Butter and Sugar 粗糖牛油葡萄干小面包

This type of small buttery buns that sprinkle with sugar on top sure never fail to attract my family members to enjoy them more ^_^

I always like to bake with the condensed milk bread that always turned out soft and light..

Raisin Bread Buns with Butter and Sugar 粗糖牛油葡萄干小面包
*make 6 buns using slim and long loaf pan 2"x2"x9"

To make bread
200g high protein flour or bread flour
15g Condensed milk (I use sweetened creamer)
120g milk
20g caster sugar
1/8tsp fine salt
1/2tsp +1/4tsp instant yeast
 20g unsalted butter, room temp.

20g raisins
10g cold unsalted butter, divide six pieces
Coarse white sugar, for sprinkle
Egg wash-1 egg yolk +1tsp milk


  1. Add all bread ingredients in a mixing bowl except butter, mix and knead until smooth dough.
  2. Add in butter, continue to knead till smooth and elastic dough, keep aside to rise till double in size.
  3. Lightly knead the dough then add in raisins and combine it well. Divide dough into 6 portions, shape into round ball, then place in the loaf pan. Set aside to proof for 45mins.
  4. Use a sharp knife, slice the centre of the buns, place cold butter at the cut area. Egg wash the buns then sprinkle some coarse sugar on top.
  5. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180C for 25mins at middle rack ( last 5 mins changed to fan forced).
  6. Immediately remove buns from the loaf pan after removed from oven, cool on a wire rack.

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


  1. 这个面包一定香香,好好吃了。做得好美丽。

  2. Did you use mixer or breadmaker to make the dough. I worry mixer spoil if beat too long for bread

  3. Did you use mixer or breadmaker to make the dough. I worry mixer spoil if beat too long for bread

  4. My Life My Thought My Say, I used mixer to make all my bread dough, you can stop the mixer for 1-2mins during the process of kneading, as not to over heat the mixer. But I have never do this way, so far it work ok.

  5. Hi Sonia
    Your this raisin bread bun looks good !
    Hope to try recipe of yours one day !

  6. May I know where u get that long bread tin? It's so cute! Thank u!

  7. Hi Sonia, can I bake this in 3x3x9 loaf? My oven does not have have a fan forced function so do I bake all the way for 25min at 180C? Thanks!

  8. Hi Sonia, I baked this in a 3x3x9 baking tin.....I cannot put 6 buns but only 5....I really wonder what happen. Anyway, my family loved the buns. Thanks!

  9. My blade is not sharp enough to cut it across and the bread will deflate when I cut. How???


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