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Sarawak Black Cake (Kek Serikaya or Kek Hitam) 砂劳越黑蛋糕

After i made Kaya, the first thing came into my mind is to make this famous Sarawak Black Cake. I received two bottles of gula hitam (a special browning sugar for black cake) from a reader (Thanks to Angeline) few months back. 
When i try to take these pictures just now, sky was dark with heavy rain, very poor lighting this time and it was so difficult to take picture with very dark and black cake ^_^..


This is the gula hitam

Recipe adapted from Mui Mui aka My Little Favourite DIY. See so many ingredients in this recipe..i could not find Nestle cream that used by Mui Mui, instead i replaced it with dairy whipping cream.


Not sure why the batter became curdle..

After mixed with flour, the batter become smooth, but the colour still not look dark at this stage..

After steamed, cake colour changed to very dark. In order for this black cake look more attractive, i sprinkle with silver beads


I have never eaten this cake before, if you asked how this cake taste like, for me, it taste quite close to "dodol" and a bit bitter caramel taste, not that over sweet and this cake is very moist but a bit oily..

IMG_3799 copy

It was tricky to handle gula hitam, the texture similar like maltose. When i added into batter, it was sticking to the whisk and i have hard time to mix it well with batter..I think should add some hot water to dilute gula hitam before adding into cake batter..
I halved the recipe and made a small cake instead..

Sarawak Black Cake (Kek Serikaya or Kek Hitam) 砂劳越黑蛋糕
(recipe source: adapted from My Little Favourite DIY who adapted from Mrs EG, with minor changes)
*makes a 7” square cake

173g unsalted butter

IMG_3799 copy 60g sugar
110g plain flour
4 eggs (large)
50g condense milk
60g Horlick
50g dairy whipping cream
90g kaya (i used homemade kaya)
70g gula hitam
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder


1. Grease and lined parchment paper on a 7" square baking tray. Allow extra parchment paper or baking paper over hang on both side of the baking tray.
2. Beat butter and sugar till pale. Add in egg one at a time, beating till each combine well.
3. Beat in condensed milk, whipping cream and kaya till well combine. Then add in gula hitam.
4. Fold in Horlick, cocoa powder and flour and mixed well.
5. Pour mixture into the prepared baking tray. Cover the cake loose with a piece of aluminium foil to prevent (condensation) water from dripping into the cake.
6. Steam over medium high heat for 2 hours in a steamer or wok. Do check water level regularly and replenish when necessary.


  1. Kaya and gula hitam in a cake! First time I am coming across such an interesting combination. It sure looks very moist and delicious.

  2. Whoaa..cantik tetapi agak unik sebab kek rasa seperti dodol...Saya sedang bayangkan rasanya..pejam mata dan ingatkan dodol....pasti akan cuba :)

  3. Indeed very black ooo...I was very tempted to make this cake too to join in the MFF. :P but I didn't manage to buy the Gula Hitam Browning but forgo the idea, haha! No need the silver beads I also think its attractive. :))

  4. 原来这蛋糕还有dodol的味道,应该还蛮不吧!dodol是我的最爱。

  5. Looks like chocolate cake. The beads on top are very nice, make the cake look pretty :)

  6. Yeah, look like chocolate cake....I have never tasted this cake with gula hitam before..... hmmm.....i dont usually buy horlicks or condense milk to stock in my pantry and dont know where to buy the gula hitam i skip baking this cake.

  7. I love this cake, every CNY I sure made one for myself and my family.

  8. 在Sarawak, gula hitam 比较容易找得到。但很少看到recipe会用到啰! I will try this recipe, thanks Sonia !

  9. Hi Sonia, your Sarawak cake look delicious. The texture look very moist and I'm sure it's taste heavenly too.

    Have a nice week ahead, regards.

  10. At first the glance,I thought is a black charcoal cake if I did not read your recipe... :D Anyway, the cake looks pretty with little beads on top.

  11. I have never seen or tasted a cake like this! It really does intrigue me! The black and the caramel flavour would have been something I would be interested in.

  12. Hi Sonia,
    hitam itu menawan, hitam itu manis dipandang.... sedapnya kek!

  13. I have never had or seen cake like this. So exotic and delish as well.

  14. Very interesting cake, I think I saw it during the Sarawak month.

  15. I never eat this cake before, it looks nice, hope to try it out if got chance.

  16. I loved the caramel taste from gula hitam, it been a long time I didn't make this. From your post really make me craving for it. ;p

  17. i very keen to do this but when i read till the bottom which need to steam for 2 hrs i told myself better give up or my gas bill will give me a shock next month. Anyway, this cake is really tempted me.

  18. i very keen to do this but when i read till the bottom which need to steam for 2 hrs i told myself better give up or my gas bill will give me a shock next month. Anyway, this cake is really tempted me.

  19. 看起來就覺得很不錯

  20. Soft and nice cake!

  21. Is this gula hitam sweet Sonia? The browning sauce I used for the one I made is just mainly for coloring and no taste in it. I too like this cake a lot but I cut down on the sugar but still find it a bit too sweet :)

  22. beautifully dark! the cake looks good!

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  24. Very nice "black and white" combination! love the first photo!

  25. Awesome! This cake looks so out-of-space! If I had the necessary ingredients, I would prepare it straight away.

  26. What a very interesting cake , Sonia ! Love the color so as the moist texture ..... The taste must be delicious !

  27. hi sonia...the nestle cream is available at cold storage supermarket in klcc :-)


  28. i am also tempted to do this, wonder how it taste like, I love the horlic ingredient in the recipe except couldnt find gula hitam here..

  29. Sonia,
    Hey! you really make this.
    Yours is nice and moist and pretty.
    Wow! you use homemade kaya somemore..:D

    About the curdle part, it is normal as you add in the flour it will become smooth again.
    I think it does have different between whipping cream and nestle cream because mine is not too oily.

    Thanks for the link and shout out.
    Between i have used the pickled sakura that you gave me to make chiffon and i save some for my swiss roll too..:D
    Have a lovely week ahead.


  30. Eventhogh this cake colour is so dark, but I really like it. Looks like dark choc actually taste doldol...very special horr

  31. This dark color cake looks like a dark chocolate cake. I expect it to be sweet, but surprisingly you said it turns out ok :)

    It must taste great with a cup of tea during tea time.

  32. Finally you made this Sarawak seri kaya cake...I have made this cake used Nestle reduced cream and whipping cream. I found that used Nestle Reduced Cream taste better than whipping cream. Recently i used whipping cream to bake chocolate cake, it turn out very oily too. I guess is due to the whipping cream. so far, I can find Nestle reduced cream in Aeon supermarket and cold storage supermarket. Fr Angeline

  33. 哇!Oh Kim Oh Kim 也~


  34. Hi Sonia,

    Love your cake, Can I know where to buy the Gula Hitam Browning? Thx.


  35. Janz, sorry, i am not sure where to buy this in Klang valley here..but i am sure you can get it in Sarawak..

  36. Gert, this gula hitam has slight sweet taste..

  37. Love these Sonia look really georgeous, I love the color!!!

  38. Wish I know how it tastes like but I can imagine this is delicious. Looks like brownie and very cute!

  39. i was keen to try this cake during the sarawak MFF but read that it's a very rich and sweet cake, so i hold back. Glad to know that now the recipe has been modified in order to have a less sweeter and less richer cake:)

  40. Hi Nasilemak, the gula hitam looks like Molasse is it Molasse or closer to gula Melaka?

  41. Looks super moist and delicious. I'm craving for this right now. Heading to the kitchen to bake this.


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