Friday, March 9, 2018

Crab meat and Tofu soup 蟹肉豆腐羹

I have so long didn't cook this tofu soup  (way back in 2008 !!) which is thicker type of soup , Chinese called 羹 . The taste is similar like shark's fin soup, best to enjoy with black vinegar.

** both photos were taken using phone

If you can't get fresh crab meat , you may omit or add more crabsticks . Also you can replace chicken stock with ikan bilis stock too, add seasoning powder (chicken or ikan bilis) if you find the soup not enough flavour.

Crab meat and Tofu soup 蟹肉豆腐羹
*serves 5pax

1 box of silken tofu, sliced
3 1/2cups chicken stock
2 slices ginger
50g crabsticks, shredded
100g crab meat
50g lean meat ,coat with 1/2tsp tapioca starch
3 shiitake mushroom, sliced
1 egg, lightly beaten
Salt to taste

2tbsp tapioca starch and water

1.            Add ginger into chicken stock , bring to boil. Add in mushroom , boil for 5mins.
2.            Add in lean meat, crab meat , crab sticks , and tofu , boil for 1-2mins. Add salt to season .
3.            Mix tapioca starch with water , slowly add into soup , stir till soup thicken.
4.            Slowly add in beaten egg , wait for few seconds then only stir the soup .
5.            Add in pepper , serve hot with black vinegar (optional )

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover

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  1. nice picture taken using phone! I like the crab meat soup, I can have bowls of rice with that!


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