Monday, June 8, 2009

Beancurd Pork meat roll

This is one of our must order dish when we taking meal in Hainan Curry Rice shop. As usual, I gave a try and cook it at home.

Recipe to share

Mix minced pork with the seasonings:-
five-spice powder
ground white pepper
light soy sauce
tapioca flour

Dried beancurd skins
star anise
bean sauce (Tau chu)
dark soy sauce
light soy sauce

1. Mix the minced pork with the seasonings and set aside for 1-2 hours.
2. Wipe the dried beancurd skin with a wet cloth to softhen it.
3. Heap few tablespoonfuls of the filling on beancurd skin, pat the filling and shape into roll.
4. Deep fry in medium-hot oil until browned.
5. Dish out and drain on paper towels, slice the meat rolls.
6. Heat oil in a clean wok, saute garlic, cloves, star anise, then add in bean sauce (Tau Chu) and add water.
7. Add in meat roll slices, tasted with sugar and light soy sauce.
8. Add dark soy sauce and cook until meat roll turn soft and thick gravy.

I asked my husband to give me a mark on this dish, I managed to get only 7 mark (perfect is 10 mark lor, benchmark with the Hainan Curry Rice shop), the reasons being:-

1) too salty ( I agreed, because I added too much of bean sauce)
2) beancurd skin not soft enough ( I agreed too, cooked not long enough)
3) meat roll too big ( again I agreed)
4) not enough five-spice powder ( not really agreed, actually I have added quite big sum of it.)

So, if you want to try out this recipe and get perfect mark, please take note above comments, ok...


  1. ok will take note of the slightest details... admiring yr cooking skills...

  2. Wow! You see then you can cook! That is some amazing skill! I wish I can do that.

  3. i'm going to try out this recipe. i love bean curd and i do think that they would match perfectly with the 5 spice and the pork

  4. Renanclaire, I'm not really that good lah, anyway Thanks.

    Colin, ya, this is my special skill, hehehe..

    Cindy, glad to know that you will try out this dish, let me know the result ya.

  5. You are such an amazing cook! I am going to look for beancurd skin. I have never even heard of it until today. Thank you for sharing =).

  6. Adui, the meat roll makes me very very hungry o..

  7. Shandy, glad to know that you like this recipe.

  8. wah! this is a signature dish! I wanna try it straight away... but first of all i gotta think where to buy beancurd... hmmm...

  9. Mia, I think you can get it from the China Town.

  10. I think you did a very good job for this dish...I know it's not that easy to do that.

  11. I would love to try this out. Normally I will just fry it and eat it just like that. Cutting it up and cooking it again in bean paste sauce sound really delicious.

  12. Nancy, ya lor, I done my best already, anyway, still got room to be improved.

    Icook4fun, ya, you should try it , very nice.

  13. Hi Sonia. Is it possible to list down quantity of each ingredient? Thanks.

  14. Hi Sonia. Is it possible to list down quantity of each ingredient? Thanks.

  15. Eugwend, I have long time didn't cook this dish , so I can't tell you the exact qty., unless I cook again but I have no planning to cook so soon .Maybe you can just cook and judge by yourself .

  16. Sonia, if you do cook this dish again in future can you please update in this blog entry again? Thanks :)


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