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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

海南咖哩飯 Hainan Curry Rice

Fayefly did post this Hainan Curry Rice in Klang before, but I must post it again because this is one of our favourite stall for breakfast. This stall also a favourite among the locals.

-A very simple stall, but attracting big crowd..

- This is a must order dish, very nice braised bean curd pork roll and pork meat.

-Curry rice, some peoples feel this is too starchy for them, but we love the way it is, my husband sure ask to add more curry gravy...

-Fish cook with very light tomato sauce, simple and nice

-A bowl of peppery soup of innards and pig's blood curd

-as usual, we wallop ( finished) all dishes..

p/s They also serve other dishes like braised hard-boiled eggs, braised tofu and etc. I did gave a try cook the braised bean curd pork roll, will share the recipe soon.
Location: Jalan Saari, Klang (behind the old Cathay Cinema, currently I think is a furniture shop)
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