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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Spinach Pan Mee (pasta)

The other day saw Felvinc posted on 辣椒板面, then realized that I have a pan mee (pasta) making machine which I have not used it for quite a long time, immediately I cook my kid's favorite spinach pan mee which I have not cooked for long time.

- Spinach pan mee

- To accompany with a bowl of sayur manis soup with fish balls.

- I also prepared the dried chili paste and added hard-boiled egg which are the hot items from the 辣椒板面 shop.
** Due to camera run out of battery, this photo was taken using mobile phone, sorry for the poor quality of photo.

Recipe to share

Spinach Pan Mee (pasta)
- making dough with
1. Flour (500g)
2. Spinach water - 50ml
3. Water- 150ml
4. Egg- 1
5. Salt ( 1 tsp)

Dried Chili paste

1. Cut dried chili into 2-3 pcs and wash clean.
2. Dry under hot sun.
3. Heat oil, quick fry dried chili (change colour), set aside to cool.
4. Blend fried dried chili coarsely, tasted with salt and sugar.
5. Add little chili oil and ready to eat with pan mee.
* I never tasted 媚姨的辣椒板面 dried chili paste before, this was cooked using my own imagination, but it tasted really good.

The rest of toppings- cooked minced pork meat, blanched bean sprout, fried ikan bilis and fried shallots.
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