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A Chinese "Hokkien" housewife who enjoys baking and cooking. The food i like most is Nasi Lemak ( A type of fragrant coconut rice, a de facto national dish of Malaysia). I wish to share my cooking experience in this blog.  I also share my mother's recipes and wishes those traditional dishes can be passed down to the next generation. Trying out new dishes is my other interest besides travelling and photography.


我是一位喜欢烹饪和烘焙的“福建”妇女。创建Nasi Lemak Lover 部落格就是想和大家分享我的烹饪经验。我也分享我妈妈的食谱,也希望这些传统的菜肴可以承传下来。除了尝乐于试烹煮新的菜肴,旅游和摄影是我的另外的兴趣。

Country : Malaysia
State : Selangor

My Contact : You may reach me at : sonia9423@gmail.com

All the recipes in Nasi Lemak Lover are prepared and photographed by me. Please do not copy, alter or transform upon my work. For any reuse or distribution, do link back to the webpage. Thanks!

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~ Nasi Lemak Lover ~


My recipes were featured in Y3K recipes magazine
Y3K issue 72

My appearance on TV live talk show "Morning Tai Tai" 活力早晨 on NTV7

from Jan 2015- March 2015

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