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I am just an ordinary Hokkien gal who grew up in Selangor in the 70s.  Back then, our home kitchen is the soul of the family and is a more popular hangout place than kopitiams. I love to help mum prepare her favourite dishes and I usually get the simple chores like chopping garlic and shallots.  
As a little girl, I love to play 'masak masak' using empty cans and pretend to cook while my other girlfriends played dress up with paper dolls.  I have always been a curious girl and like to ask all sorts of questions about a particular dish especially the ones I like.  
Cooking and baking has always been my hobby but I never really got the time to hone this passion as I was busy working and building my own small family, like most working mothers.  Despite not having time to cook I still collect recipes from my mother, the vegetable seller, the meat seller, my friends’ mothers, grandmothers, watch TV cooking shows and from recipe books and anyone willing to share.  For those where I cannot get the recipes I would be thinking about it day and night and would try to replicate the dish in my mind and add to my recipe collection. I am always fascinated with different taste and texture of food. 
My passion was revived when I lost my job some few years ago. As I was spring cleaning my house one day, I came across the little recipe book with all my collection of recipes from many years.  My heart skipped as if I have just bumped into my first love after many years.  
I've never attended any cooking or baking classes nor learned from any cooking sifu. I like to experiment with recipes on my own and self teach.  I am happiest when I see friends and relatives enjoying my cooking.  So I started cooking, baking and blogging to inspire the younger generations to eat healthily and live well. 
My followers are my best teachers.  I love to hear from my followers, be it positive or negative comments. This way, I can be better.  Whenever they have any problem I will try to help them solve it despite my limited experience especially in baking. I share their disappointment whenever their cake or bread turns out below expectations but I never stopped improving. 
Besides, baking and cooking, hiking is my other love.  Whenever I hike at a new place, I always check out the specialities of that area with my hiking friends. As there are a few of us, we can taste more varieties of food.  

I hope that by sharing all my simple tried and tested recipes, anyone can cook.  And yes, Nasi Lemak  has always maintained its top spot on my favourite food list. This is my humble story – Nasi Lemak Lover.   

Country : Malaysia

My Contact : You may reach me at : sonia9423@gmail.com

All the recipes in Nasi Lemak Lover are prepared and photographed by me. Please do not copy, alter or transform upon my work. For any reuse or distribution, do link back to the webpage. Thanks!

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~ Nasi Lemak Lover ~


My recipes were featured in Y3K recipes magazine
Y3K issue 72

My appearance on TV live talk show "Morning Tai Tai" 活力早晨 on NTV7

from Jan 2015- March 2015

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