Thursday, June 4, 2009

Minced Pork " Loh Si Fun "

The other day seeing Annie cooked this "Loh Si Fun", just realized that I never cook this way before. This recipe is very simple, cook the minced pork, blanch the "Loh Si Fun" and bean sprouts, fry some shallots and chop some spring onions and red chili.. That's all...

p/s For those who do not know what is "Loh Si Fun" , let me explain in simple way, it is one kind of fresh rice noodles with the shape like rat's (In Mandarin called Loh Si) tail.


  1. Oh "Loh Si Fun"...I missed so so much! You sure knows how to make it looks tasty! Great photos!

  2. a very nice looking plate of yummy... normally i don't add fried onions to my mince pork but this picture really gives me ideas

  3. 我也喜欢这样的煮法,够香!老鼠粉不会煮到软烂,还有Q劲才好吃!

  4. Colin, I'm sure you missed it, I think when the time you returned MY, you have a long list of foods to be tasted, hehehe..

    Cindy, w/o the fried shallots, this dish no ompp lor..

    Nancy, usually I cook it during weekend, fast and tasty meal...Usually weekend feel lazy to cook..

  5. I like Loh Si Fun too! especially kon lo (dry sauce)! But sadly we cant find it here!

  6. Come here for loh si fun for supper from a midnight visitors !

    厨师 + 摄影师 = 赞 !

    Taiwanese called this 米台目,Nancy 对吗?

  7. 找天得空,我也要试看这煮法!看起来好好吃哦!照片又拍得那么吸引!

  8. wow delicious!! I used the normal "yellow noodle" the other day, but still feel "loh si fun" taste better.

  9. Bakeling, Thanks for your compliment.

    Felvinc, quickly try it, very simple to prepare.

    Annie, ya, I dont like yellow noodle too, because the "kan shui" smell.


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