Friday, January 15, 2010

4321 Fragrant Garlic Belly Pork

After bought a kg of pork belly, thinking to cook steamed glutinous rice, but I changed my mind after see this dish in Ohbin's house, it made me drooling by just look at the picture. So here is Ohbin's 4321 Fragrant Garlic Belly Pork, you must try this, it is super yummy!!

IMG_4142 1


Recipe adapted from Obhin, she has plenty of good dishes, find out more in her blog. Thank you to Ohbin for kind sharing.

My tip- I slightly changed the steps of preparing this dish, as I remembered my mum taught me to make caramel when cooking pork dish as this process will make the pork dish more fragrant..

4321 Fragrant Garlic Belly Pork

Pork belly 1kg (sliced medium size) –I forgot to weight, just estimated this weight, you adjust accordingly

4 tbsp light soy sauce
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tbsp Chinese rice wine
Garlic (chopped finely)

1. Place sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan and cook over low flame. Stir it from time to time until sugar melts and turns golden brown (do not overcook, as it will taste bitter)
2. Add in pork meat, mix well.
3. Then add in water, vinegar and wine and cook over low flame for 40mins or more.
4. Once you see little water left, add in chopped garlic, turn to medium flame, and cook till sauce became thicken.
5. Dish out (leave the excess oil).


Happy Cooking !!


  1. honestly, your pics look much more better and am sure tastier than mine :) Glad that you like it

  2. Ohbin, Really appreciate for your kind sharing, I will cook this again and again, my kids love it so much.

  3. Really liked the glaze you got from caramel syrup :-) Another tempting dish Sonia :D

  4. It makes me drool looking at this photos! Probably unhealthy with all the fat but I bet it's worth it!

    First photo is my fav!

  5. OMG!!! Sonia, it's so delicious!!!! And what a cute recipe! 4321 :))) You're a really good cook.

  6. Another tempting dish from uu....sooo tempting and yummy yummy...

  7. This is an amazing dish! The pictures are stunning!

  8. I'm going to make this for my hubby. I think he will eat extra rice with this delicious dish.

  9. Sonia, you have me hungry right after breakfast! This looks great & I bet it tastes even better. Well done!

  10. This looks really good, if for me, i sure take out the fatty fatty part, hehe...

  11. Gulmohar,Thanks dear.

    Colin, I only can have it maybe once in a month, too fat, can not tahan, hehehe!!

    Ju, very special name huh..

    Sze Sze, one bowl of rice is not enough!

    Tina, Thanks for your lovely word.

    Ellie, Thanks for your lovely word.

    mimid3vils, actually the oil can be removed after cooked.

    Anncoo, ya, one bowl of rice definitely not enough, suggest you to accompany this with pickle vegetables, sweet and sour, so balance.

    taste traveller, Thank you for stopping by.

    Somewhere in SG, this dish must have fat, otherwise tasteless !!

  12. 这4321好吃极了

  13. Sonia, my stomach is growling... thanks for translating the recipe. must try this.

  14. Hi Sonia....dropping by to see your lovely blog. This dish is my family fav dish. I can't wait to meet up with you :) and I hope you guys won't mind having an old lady on board :p

    Take care till we meet on 27th February :)

  15. Mmmm, pork belly my favourite....all the nice fat...he he he!

  16. I love braised pork belly! But I dare not to eat too much. Yours look divine!

  17. Sonia, this look sooooooooo good. Wish I can have some with my rice for dinner now. Do you think the taste will be the same if I use lean pork?

  18. Nostalgia, Thanks.

    J.O, next time I will try chicken.

    Charmaine, Thanks for dropping by, try it out, you will like it.

    Elin, Thanks for dropping by,looking forward to meeting you.

    Pete, you also like fat huh?

    Angie, ya, dont eat too much, not healthy.

    LCOM, Thanks.

    Icook4fun, I guess it wouldn't taste that good without the fat fat, hahaha..

  19. This looks so yummy , love the glaze. Nice pic

  20. wow love dishes like this! THe glaze looks amazing!

  21. looks yummy...wanted to ask my mum to cook. May i know the recipe mentioned using white vinegar or brown vinegar? I love to read ur blog..Thanks for sharing all the recipes.

  22. Preethi, Thanks for stopping by.

    pigpigcorner, Thanks.

    Anonymous, I use white vinegar, may I know your name please?

  23. Thanks for your reply. I'm AW.

  24. Finally my mum cooked it yesterday, is really yummy..but its a bit long do i need to cook after putting all the sauces? I like the grave so much. Thanks Sonia & Obhin

  25. AW, sorry for my late reply, not sure why urs was hard, this dish you must use belly pork but not lean pork, take note.

  26. tis dish looks so delicious, made me feel like getting a bowl of white rice to go wif it. i am not a rice person but tis dish really make me feel like eating wif rice :P

  27. How come the one i cook is fail? the meat become so hard and hard to chew....any tips for cooking?

  28. Thank you for your recipe! I cannot wait to try this out :D
    Much needed break from the normal ones I've been cooking!
    All the best,
    Nat <3

  29. wonderful blog, I have been reading it just now :). Love your recipes.


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