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Homemade Yellow Glutinous Rice Wine 自制黄酒

I supposed many Chinese women know about Huang Jiu 黄酒 ,because we consume this wine during confinement time. During confinement time, our mother or grandmother will use this wine to cook with kampung chicken with a lot of Bentong ginger (to get rid of angin (wind) . Also add Mee Sua (rice flour vermicilli) with the chicken rice wine . Anyway i never feel this chicken rice wine tasted nice during confinement time, hahaha. Instead  it taste good during normal time.
I was thinking to learn from my mother of making this rice wine long time ago, finally i mange to record the recipe this time as this is a keeper for my future reference ( when my daughter or daughter-in-law deliver baby), hehehe..also some of you might want to learn.

 Lets check below step-by-step on how to making this wine..

As i understand from the Chinese herbs shop owner, there are two types of wine biscuits 酒饼, one is spicy wine biscuits辣酒饼 ( doesn't mean it tasted spicy but it gave you stronger wine aroma and might have sour taste), another is sweet wine biscuits 甜酒饼 which gave you mild and sweet taste of wine. We prefer sweet taste of wine, so i use sweet wine biscuits.

I am pleased with the result , it tasted sweet and quite strong wine taste when i cook with chicken, yummy.. will share chicken rice wine in next post..

Homemade Yellow Glutinous Rice Wine 黄酒

1kg glutinous rice 糯米, wash and rinse
5 cups water

15pcs sweet wine biscuits 甜酒饼

  1. Soak glutinous rice with water in a steaming tray for an hour. Then steam the glutinous rice together with same soaking water over high heat for 30mins (stir the rice half way through), make sure the rice is fully cooked ( if rice not cooked through, you will get sour tasted like vinegar).
  2. Keep the cooked rice on a tray in a single layer to let it completely cool down. You will get sour taste of wine if rice not completely cool down, prefer to cool it overnight.
  3. Process the wine biscuits in a food processor till fine.
  4. Take a small ball of cooked rice, flatten it like a disc. Then coat with powdered wine biscuits. Arrange in a clean and sterilized glass jar or ceramic pot. Repeat the rest till finished.
  5. Cover the jar, and leave it in a cool place for fermentation.
  6. The next day, check the jar whether steam accumulated on the wall of jar. Use a clean and dry cloth, gently wipe the water off. Continue to do this way until no more steam generated.
  7. After 3 days, use a clean spoon, stir the rice. Then continue to let it fermentation for 45days-60days (the longer the better, I kept for 60days).
  8. Use a cheesecloth or muslin cloth (prefer in pouch form), scoop wine on the cloth then press the wine into a clean pot. Do this in small batch until finished. Otherwise you can put wine in a big cheesecloth bag, tie and hang it, let wine drip into a clean pot.
  9. Transfer wine into clean and sterilized glass bottle, let it sit in cool place, after few days, wine will be on top, thick white residue will be at the bottom.
  10. Now wine is ready to be used in cooking chicken rice wine, stir fried Kailan veggie with the thick white residue also yummy, and etc . Enjoy!

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


  1. You are so rajin to make your own rice wine. I think it should be tasting better than the ones from the shop.

  2. Hi Sonia

    Does that mean you did not discard the white residue or separate the clear wine from residue? saw ur pix it looks all clear.

  3. Kathleen, Actually i transfer again the only clear wine into another bottle, so it look nice with presentation.

  4. Hi Sonia, do you care to sell ? I've been looking for this for a long time yet I dont think I could make it even with your step by step recipe

  5. halo,,
    i am not so sure ,,as u mention 5cups water,,
    may i know is this supposed to be added into the
    rice or how,,hope u can help,as i am learning to
    make for my own confinement uses(very expensive
    here in sg),hope to hear from u soon,,
    thanks--shan shan--sg

  6. Shah Shan, i have rephrase the recipe, use the 5cups water to soak the rice in a steaming tray, then take the same tray to steam for 30mins or until cooked.

  7. Wendy, no i don't sell only meant for my family consumption. why not make your own?

  8. Hi Sonia, can used rice cooker to cook the rice?

    1. Elise, you can try but make sure rice is cooked throughly

  9. Hi Sonia

    May I know what are the weight of 15pcs sweet wine biscuits

  10. Ong, sorry I didn't weight but I think it is quite standard size .

  11. Can i ask how big is ur 5 cup of water?

  12. Hi. Can I knw whr can I buy the wine biscuits in sg? Thanks

  13. If you are in selangor and you dont mind going to collect the wine you can order traditional hakka rice wine (wong chiew) from

    I said order because, the lady will only brew when there are orders.
    Does not keep ready stock.

  14. Hi sonia, how many bottle can u get from 1kg glutinous rice?

  15. Hi sonia, how many bottle can u get from 1kg glutinous rice?

  16. hi.. .need help .. the top of my rice has red specks.. is it mouldy>?

  17. Janet , I guess it has contaminated , no choice , you need to redo again , make sure every utensil used must be clean and dry .

  18. Hi Sonia,

    I just drained my wine, it tasted abit/slightly sour. Im not sure if its because - 1. i left it for too long(about 4 months) or 2. I mixed sweet n spicy wine biscuits together(ratio 4 sweet : 1 spicy)

    Hope to hear from you....:)

    Miss Thon

  19. I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

    Keep up the good work :) from TheStillery, a stuart bar in Florida

  20. Interestingly, your recipe calls for much, much greater jiuqu (wine yeast balls) to rice ratio compared to every huangjiu recipe I've come across. Generally, it's 1 or 2 wine ball yeasts per kg (according to most recipes and my chinese friend fwiw). Although I can't imagine the extra yeast negatively impacts the wine -- quite the opposite, as it probably hastens the typically slow fermentation rate that occurs when using 2 yeast balls, and the vigorous fermentation-rate likely inhibits "nasties" from finding a home in your wine (ie prevents mold contamination). Just food for thought.


  21. May i know after transfer to bottle, how long can it keep?

  22. Hi. I have the same question. This is the first recipe that calls for so many wine cake. I have seen 2-4, but 15 seems a lot. Any difference if it is less?

    Thanks :)


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