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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Penang Lobak (meat rolls)_2017 CNY_ 槟城炸卤肉卷_金鸡报春

This is a real Penang Lobak that shared by my Penang friend's mother. When i first tasted this yummy rolls, I immediately requested for the recipe, and glad that her mom so kind sharing with me of her truly Penang Lobak recipe with her special method (scroll down to see what special ^_^). And this roll is perfectly to serve during CNY.

It is advise to use Kap Sum Yok (in Cantonese), the meat near the neck part. This part of meat is tender and nice.

Cut into short and thin strips

Add in diced jicama and onions

What special in her recipe? She use Hoen Kwe (green bean flour) and also try to use good and nice five spices powder. I used this brand that she bought all the way from Penang for me, Thank you very much auntie !

Another special method from her, place a spring onion in a roll. So clever of her !

Penang Lobak 槟城炸卤肉卷_金鸡报春
*makes ~53 rolls, (~6”x9” each roll)

3 large sheets of dried beancurd skin (non salt type), cut into 16pcs per sheet

1.5kg pork meat (use Kap sum meat or neck part), cut into short and thin strips
300g jicama / turnip / yam bean, diced
170g onion, diced
6tsp five spices powder (I used Pok Oy Thong)
1tsp white pepper 

2tbsp salt or to taste
3tsp light soy sauce 
5tbsp sugar or to taste
6tbsp Hoen Kwe flour / green bean or pea flour (you may replace with corn starch)
2 eggs ( A size)

Few sprigs of spring onions, cut it lengthwise 4-5”
Flour + water=glue, for seal purposes

  1. Mix all ingredients together except spring onion.
  2. Spoon the mixed ingredients and put on to the bean curd skin, then top with spring onion. Roll the bean curd skin and seal the edges with flour water glue to secure the roll.
  3. To store the lobak, line lobak in a plastic container side by side. If need to stack, line cling film between each layer. Store in the freezer.
  4. Deep fry the lobak rolls over low heat till golden brown. Drain on paper towel. Serve warm.

Thanks to Elvina's mother, Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


My Little Space said...

Yummm.... Hopefully, I can spend more time in cooking these days. Great to see you joining in the hiking gang. Its a good start in balancing life !

Metta Teoh said...

Thank you for sharing the recipe from your friend's mother. I made half portion and used cornflour. Turns out yummy. Another dish to add to the CNY menu.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any sauce recipe to go with this Penang Lobak? Thank you for this recipe. It's yummy. It's so kind of your friends mummy to share.

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