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Friday, October 13, 2017

Earl Grey Tea and Strawberry Chiffon Cake 伯爵茶草莓戚风蛋糕

I have quite long didn't bake a chiffon cake as I  have been busy baking with artisan bread sourdough ^_^ . Since i have  Panasonic Electric Oven NB-H3800SSK  , so try it out with a new flavours of chiffon cake that i have been thinking to make, Earl Grey tea and Strawberry, and it seem they are a good combo, nice !

Earl Grey Tea and Strawberry Chiffon Cake 伯爵茶草莓戚风蛋糕
For a 8" chiffon pan

4 egg yolks (A size)

15g caster sugar
50g corn oil
30g water
30g milk
100g cake flour

4 egg white (A size)
70g caster sugar
1/4tsp cream of tartar

30g pure strawberry paste
2 sachets Earl grey tea, process in a blender till fine

1.      In a saucepan, cook 100g fresh chopped strawberry with 1 cup water over low heat till thick paste. Set aside to cool before use.
2.      Immediately separate cold eggs after taken them out from the refrigerator (cold eggs separate more easily) into two mixing bowls (No oil and no water in these bowls, clean and dry bowls). Set aside and allow them return to room temperature.
3.      Add sugar into egg yolks, immediately lightly whisk the egg yolks and sugar till light.
4.      Add in corn oil, mix well. Then add in milk and water, stir well to combine. Add in flour , stir to well combine.
5.      Beat egg whites and cream of tartar till foamy , gradually add in sugar in there batches and continue beat until soft peak formed.
6.      Take 1/3 of meringue and use a hand whisk to mix well and lighten the egg yolk batter (Do not worry you will deflate the batter at this stage )
7.      Now change hand whisk to a silicone spatula, fold in 1/3 of meringue, gently fold with egg yolk batter till slightly combined. Fold in the balance meringue and gently fold till well combined.
8.      Scoop out 200g batter , and mix with strawberry paste, add a drop of pink food colouring (optional) ,mix well. Add the rest of batter with fine Earl grey tea leaves.
9.      Spoon the two batters, Earl grey and strawberry batter, alternately into the prepare chiffon tube pan . Using a butter knife, gently swirl it around the mixture in the tin a few times to create a marbled effect. Tap the tin to remove any air bubbles. 
10.   Bake at a pre-heated Panasonic electric oven at 190c for 50mins (Upper and Lower heat) or until cooked. Every oven is difference, please adjust the temperature accordingly.
11.   Once baked, turn your chiffon tin upside down and cool completely before remove from the tin.
12.   Chiffon cake is ready to unmould. You can use a plastic thin spatula to run the pan and unmould the chiffon or you can unmould using bare hands method if you have master this skill.

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover
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