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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meeting bloggers

Even this was not my 1st time meeting bloggers, but I still feel so excited yesterday. We had our meet up yesterday at Mid Valley KL, and I'm so happy to know 9 new friends in only one day. Who say blogging is not good!


Here are the bloggers:-

follow from left

1. Bitter Sweet Flavours (Tracie)- The youngest blogger 19 years old

2. Quinn's baking diary (Quinn)- Thanks Quinn for organize this gathering

3. A Nyonya's kitchen for all season (Petite Nyonya)- Thanks Petite Nyonya invited me to this gathering

4. ReeseKitchen (Reese)- Need more tips from her about Taipei trip later.

5. Honey Bee Sweet (BeeBee)- all the way from Singapore !

6. The Sweet Spot (Swee San) she makes lovely fondant cakes, do order from her !

7. Is me (Sonia)- Nasi Lemak Lover !

8. Elinluv's Tidbits corner (Elin)- all the way from Ipoh !

9. My Kitchen Snippets (Gertrude)- all the way from Pennsylvania, USA

10. Dodol & Mochi (Pei Lin)- Thanks for sharing some camera shoting tips.


- This gathering turned out like a Nasi Lemak gathering, because 8 bloggers ordered Nasi Lemak, but me as Nasi Lemak Lover ordered Fried Kuey Teow instead, hehehe..




Thank you, Quinn, Reese, Elin, Tracie, Swee San, Gertrude, Pei Lin, Bee Bee and Petite Nyonya, for your time and wonderful company, and I can't wait till the next time we meet again!

p/s Thanks Petite Nyonya for the lovely flower and egg mould from Elin !
Check Reese's update for this meeting .
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