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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guava with prune tidbits

Guava and prune tidbit salad

I learnt this recipe from my friend who brought this snack/salad to one of potluck party held last time.

Nowadays the guava size is huge, unlike last time, the guava size is small but sweet and nice. I always climbed to a guava tree when I was a kid, plucked the guava straight away from the tree and sitting up there and enjoyed the guava, that was really fun !

Guava and prune tidbit salad

You can either use any kind of pickled prune or plum tidbits..

Guava and prune tidbit salad

This photo taken just right after I mixed guava slices from 2 big guavas and 100g of prune tidbits.

Guava and prune tidbit salad

This photo taken after 3 hours guava marinated inside the fridge, the sweet, salty and sour flavours from the prune tidbits blended well with guava slices, simply refreshing and nice!
This is also best to serve in any kind of party!

Guava and prune tidbits

Happy Cooking !!

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