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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainbow Chiffon Cake

When i saw few oranges sitting on my island top, then i remembered Helena baked this Orange Cocoa chiffon. Later when i browsing through My Kitchen Snippets and i found her beautiful Rainbow chiffon..So i decided to combine these two recipes into this Rainbow Chiffon Cake.

Rainbow chiffon cake

My chiffon turned out not so fluffy and tall, because i have handled the batter too much during the mixing colour process. This was due to I bake two chiffons at the same time, thinking to send one to my sister who just stay nearby..

Rainbow chiffon cake

Rainbow chiffon cake
(recipe source: inspired by Helena’s kitchen and My Kitchen Snippets)
*makes a 8” or 20cm chiffon

Rainbow chiffon cake60g egg yolk (4 medium eggs)
30g caster sugar
35g corn oil or salad oil
60g milk

80g cake flour
10g corn flour

135g egg white (4 medium eggs)
60g caster sugar
1/4tsp cream of Tartar

For the rainbow effect
½ orange zest
1/2tbsp orange juices
Few drops of yellow lime food coluring
1tbsp cocoa powder
Few drops of red food colouring
1tsp pandan paste (I use homemade pandan paste)
Few drops of green food colouring

1. Lightly hand whisk egg yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl.
2. Add in corn oil and milk, continue to combine well.
3. Sift in cake flour and corn flour, lightly stir to mix well.
4. Mix 60g caster sugar with cream of tartar in a bowl.
5. Beat egg whites over high speed till foamy, gradually add in sugar and tartar in 3 times and beating well for each addition.
6. Take 1/3 portion of egg white mixture and use hand whisk to mix with egg yolk mixture till combine.
7. Fold the balance of egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture, combine well.
8. Equally divide the batter into four portions, add in the food colouring as per above colours (start from thick batter (cocoa) to thin batter)
9. Pour each of cake mixture into baking pan and lightly tap on the worktop to remove air bubbles.
10. Bake at pre-heated oven 170c (with fan) for 30mins or you may adjust according to your type of oven because every oven is difference.

Rainbow chiffon cake
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