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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fontana di Trevi 羅馬許願池, Piazza di Spagna 西班牙廣場, Rome Italy 2013 羅馬意大利自由行

After Piazza Venezia , we proceeded to the next destination and this place also one of the place that I wanted to see the most in this Italy trip beside Venice, Fontana di Trevi. In this post, I still talking about the places that I visited in Day 1 (half day afternoon), can you imagine in half day time I already shared few places, hehehe. One thing good about Roma is that that the city is easy to walk in and famous structures are close by to each other, so long you wear a pair of comfortable shoes. I found my shoes still not the best shoes, still looking for a pair of good shoes for travelling, any suggestion?

What we seen while walking to Fontana di Trevi

Why i said Italy like an Asian country, because you can still see illegal sellers that selling fake branded bags on the roadside!! very difference from other European countries..


wine shop

 variety shapes of pasta !! but price here is much more expensive if compare to market. I will share with you a market I visited which goods selling at good price later.


Wow ! This is the place, so so excited at that moment ^__^








One action everyone will do here is throw a coin and make a wish!! return to Roma?


 we continued our walk to Piazza di Spagna ( Spanish Steps )

Every corner in Italy is photogenic..


I especially like to see their window !

Now we reached the Piazza di Spagna ( Spanish Steps ) 西班牙台階

 the steps were filled with peoples that sitting here and relaxing in cool air !
This site was one of the scene that shown in a famous old movie "Roman Holiday"


we also take this opportunity sitting down here to rest after a long walk..The road in front of us is Via dei Condotti, a busy and fashionable street, you can find branded bags like Gucci, LV &etc here, too bad, no budget for these expensive bags, hehehe..


I like to see how they decorate their window with flowers!


 Here i also want to share with you the night scene at Fontana di Trevi (we went there on the next day).  It was so so beautiful with deep blue sky ( around 7-8pm) , and the structures were simply awesome !!






My Little Space said...

Oh wow, so crowded! The night scene is much much more attractive than day time. So romantic! Thanks so much for sharing. WHAT??? Selling fake bags!!! ????

Mel said...

So did you a coin and make a wish? Oh if Im there, sure I will. Lovely photos; as I enjoyed viewing your hol photo.

Angie's Recipes said...

Lovely Italy photos, Sonia.

Michelle Chow LF said...

Like the night scene photo at Fontana di Trevi.... Nice Shots Sonia

mui mui said...

Ah Chi,
Did you throw a coin and make a wish?
I asked my hubby to make a wish for me when he was there the last time. I was pregnant 8 month by the time we got the incentive tickets so I can't go and my ticket burnt :(

Have a beautiful Sunday :D

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Good evening Sonia...

Ana Regalado said...

Maybe sandals / slip ons , Crocs , Birkenstock , Fitflop , Toms :D

Every street corner there looks attractive indeed !

Small Kucing said...

oh my...what a lovely place. Am surprised that they have illegal traders there too. Thought the authority very strict over there

Artsylicious said...

Sonia, thanks for sharing this lovely trip!! Beautiful buildings were all crowded with visitors!

Elaine said...

So so lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for more photos :)!

Jessie-CookingMoments said...

Sonia, this fountain is so famous & so pretty hoh? Did you throw a coint & make a wish? I like the packaging of those wine! Love the very colourful ribbon pasta & fettuccine too!

PH said...

Wah, so in love with the scenery! Wish I can go there someday :)

LEY said...

so crowded, worried me what if i busy taking photo and the bag got picked pocket? Still thinking whether shall i bring the big camera or just bring the small handy digital camera

Li Shuan said...

i also bought 2 packets of pasta home ( one black ribbons and one assorted shapes n flavour) so leceh to carry ..have to protect the pasta so that they won't squash in the luggage. Mana tau came bake saw the same thing in the Italian shop haha....

Lite Home Bake said...

Trevi Fountain is as beautiful as ever both by day and night :)

lena said...

oh, so this place is called fontana di trevi? i also see this scene in movie whenever they show rome. so did you throw a coin there? hehe..

terri@adailyobsession said...

I hv problems with walking shoes too n the only shoes tt dont hurt are the Sakura brand of shoes from Hong Kong. Get them at boutiques that sell HK stuff.

tina said...

Sonia, I use Fit Flop sandals and trainers (sneakers) They are very comfortable!

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