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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My recipes are being featured in Y3K magazine

I couldn't believe one day my recipes are being featured in a magazine !! After blogging for several years and sharing hundred of recipes, this is first time ever my recipes are being featured in a magazine. My recipes are being featured in the Y3K recipes magazine issue 72 (May-June 2013).

Y3K issue 72

I am sharing six easy home cooked recipes in this issue, some already on the blog but some are new:-

1. Homemade fluffy pancake - an old recipe on my blog
2. Deep-fried stuffed tofu puff with cabbage - a new recipe that I learnt from Bali trip
3. Japanese Miso Clams - my family love Japanese foods, this is a new dish that they love so much
4. Udang Masak Merah- modified from my earlier Ayam Masak Merah recipe
5. Hokkien Stir-fried white rice sticks - a yummy simple Hokkien style of stir-fried noodles
6. Chicken Cottage Pie- a well received pie recipe among my family and friends

If you would like to learn these recipes, please get a copy of Y3K issue 72 from the nearby bookstores.
I will share these new recipes a bit later.

Thank you Y3K publisher for this feature !

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