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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mooncake Cookies 香化饼 (公仔饼)

When you have leftover mooncake's pastry ingredients, what to do with them? Try to use them to make this old fashioned of mooncake cookies. When I was young, I ate this cookie more than the mooncake with filling as this cookie was cheaper..

When my son Lucas break one cookie to try out, he said why this cookie is hard and why no filling? Nowadays kid will not appreciate this kind of simple cookie..
I told him, never mind let mommy finished them all ^_^..
Before bake...

After 1st bake, it is ok when you see the cookie cracked. Once they completely cool down and store for few days, it will turn ok..

This is a type of cookie that you don't need to keep them in a air-tight container, because when they turned soggy, it will taste even better !

Mooncake Cookies 香化饼(公仔饼)
(recipe source: inspired by Crystal, adapted from Kingdom of Tasty life )
*makes 9pcs

340g Hong Kong flour or Plain flour
170g golden syrup ( I use special mooncake syrup)
50g cooking oil or peanut oil
1/2tsp + 1/4tsp alkaline water

1. Mix oil, golden syrup and alkaline water in a mixing bowl
2. Sieve flour into a mixing bowl, make a well in the flour and stir in syrup mixture. Mix till a soft dough but do not over mix. Cover and rest for 5hrs or more ( I keep overnight).
3. Equal divide the dough (I weight 50g) , roll into a ball then slightly flatten it.
4. Place on a baking pan that line with baking paper.
5. Bake at pre-heated oven 170C for 10mins, remove and rest for 15mins or till cold. Bake again for another 10-15mins.
6. Cool on a wire rack, then transfer to a container, keep for several days on room temperature until cookie turned soft then can be enjoyed.
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