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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Palace of Versailles, Paris 2014 巴黎自由行

This was second time I visited Palace of Versailles, same blue sky but it was a tired trip. We spent nearly 3hours to get inside. I don't think I will visit here again for the third time...

My son waited until don't know what to do, just laying here..

After we spent 1hr to purchase the tickets, we still have to Q to be entered the inside, pity my hubby helped us to Q on behalf..

Nothing to do while waiting, simply snap few photos..

very tiring to see this long Q (I remembered previous trip about 8 years ago, this place was not so crowded !)

still not our turn yet, simply snap photos again , LOL..

Phew!! we managed to get inside after waited for 2 hrs.

Hall of mirrors..a must visit place if you come to Versailles..

The Queen's bedchamber

In fact, we just have a quick walk through as there were too many tourist inside. What a breeze when seeing this beautiful garden after came out..

Our lunch again duck confit..

Nice duck confit, not too salty and oily, and love the creamy mashed potato.

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