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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blue Ocean Birthday Party

Last week I was so busy organized my son's 10th Birthday party. This time I planned a Birthday party with a theme: Blue Ocean. My son Desmond like sea animals eg killer whale, whale & etc. I started this party planning few months back, google for some blue ocean party ideas, then later have to shop the related party items (need time to shop items that related to blue), planned what foods to be prepared. On the beginning of last week, started to bake cookies, made pop corns, handmade invitation card & food tags, handmade banner and made the Birthday cake which my son said must have the Killer whale on the cake. I didn't disappointed him with a 3D killer whale on top of the cake.

I still using the preferred swiss meringue buttercream to frost the whole cake. I bake three chocolate butter cakes. As for the black buttercream, I just added a lot of dark cocoa powder with swiss meringue buttercream . And for white cream, I use shortening and icing sugar (2:1 ratio) as to get white effect.

Handmade invitation card. Thanks to my son Lucas design the pattern.

Lucas also helped me to make this jelly fish !

Thanks to my daughter who helped me to make the banner..

On the Birthday, my mother, sister and my daughter's best friend (Thanks to Yi Yuan) came over to help me on the preparation. The preparation of the foods were quite tedious, because I requested them to make into fish or star fish shape ^_^

Lets see what we had prepared for that day..
~Chinese traditional red eggs during Birthday~

~star fish shape of pizza~

~Sea animal jelly~

 ~caramel pop corns

~fish shape of pancake~

~Octopus sausages~ (This was the most received item by the kids)

~fish shape of sandwiches~
(cheese and ham )

~gold fish cookies~, this was store-bought

~fish shape of Onigiri ~
(I use salted salmon mixed with Japanese rice, light soy sauce, mirin and roasted sesame seeds)

~deep fried fish~

~Shark watermelon~ 
My hubby responsible to make this, look real right ^_^
~Blue Ocean water~
( At first, we have hard time to get blue effect (even this one also look more to purple blue) . I was thinking to mix blue pea flower (bunga telang biru) with soda drink, but the drink turned out to be purple pink. Also we tried lemonade with this flower, same result it turned pink too. At last, I mix with barley drink, then it turned out like this deep purple blue, closer to blue ocean colour and it was all natural ingredients, better this way)


Kids were excited to drink this blue ocean water ^_^ In fact, my daughter's friend said this drink taste nice..

No time to cook the main dish, so I ordered from outside the Nasi lemak and Assam laksa.

My son Lucas also helped me to organize few games for the kids. The kids played until don't want to go back home, hahaha..
These were the games:-
1. Memory game
2. Torch musical pass
3. Charades
4. Simon says
5. Shark tail

And these were the prize for the winner, fighting fish in a fish tank ! no wonder all of them were so excited ^_^

The winners, see they all so excited !!

Birthday presents from his friend

I also made these stained glass cookies for the kids to bring home

Happy 10th Birthday Desmond!! Stay healthy and be good !

with his best friend ^_^
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