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Monday, May 11, 2015

Braided Nutella Star Bread (Nutella 星形辫子面包)

I have been bookmarked this beautiful Braided Nutella Star Bread for quite a while. When i saw very good price of Nutella selling at the supermarket that nearby the hotel we stayed during the recent Frankfurt Germany trip. I immediately bought one back home and only managed to make this bread today.

A bit tricky when rolling the dough into big circle, you have to rest the dough enough then it will easy to handle..

Not to waste, i used the leftover dough (after cut into circle) made into Nutella marble bread.

If you love Nutella, then you will love this bread!

Braided Nutella Star Bread  (Nutella 星形辫子面包)

460g High Protein Flour or Bread Flour
60g Low Protein Flour or Cake Flour
1 and 1/2tsp instant yeast

40g caster sugar
1tsp salt
380g fresh milk
50g unsalted butter, room temp.

250g Nutella
Egg wash-2tbsp egg + 1tsp milk

  1. Mix all bread ingredients in a mixer except butter, mix till smooth dough.
  2. Add in butter, continue to knead till smooth, shining and elastic dough. Set aside to proof till double.
  3. Equally divide proofed dough into 4 portions, roll into ball, cover and keep aside to rest for 15mins.
  4. Roll the dough into a big circle (more than 10” diameter), with the help of rolling pin, transfer the circle dough on a parchment paper. Take a 10” plate or a round cake pan, and mark it off on the first layer.
  5. Cover the marked area with a thin layer of Nutella spread. Roll another layer of dough, place it on the previous one and made a mark on it. Then, put the Nutella spread on the marked area. Repeat the same for next layer.
  6. Put the last layer and cover with the plate to mark on it. Cut off the excess dough.
  7. Using a small glass or a tea cup, mark the center of the dough. Divide the dough into 16 equal segment, but leave the center intact.
  8. Take two parts of the dough in both hands and delicately twist them in opposite directions. Repeat with all pairs to form eight-armed star. Cover to rest for 30-45mins.
  9. Brush with egg wash, bake at pre-heated oven 180C for 20mins.

Shaping method video refer to here, recipe by Sonia a.k.a. Nasi Lemak Lover
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