Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pandan Coconut Ogura Chiffon Cake 班兰椰奶相思戚风蛋糕

It has been such a long time i didn't bake a Ogura cake ( similar to chiffon cake but with extra 1 whole egg). I was failed to bake this Ogura cake using water bath method earlier. The old recipes i tried was using steam bake and normal baking method. This week i decided to attempt this cake again using water bath method. After trying 3 times and adjusted the recipe, i am please to see the nice result. It has fine crumbs, and it is also light and spongy.

I adjusted the recipe as i wanted a cake texture that not so wet like the earlier recipe . So i didn't follow the original recipe to weight the egg amount. I simply used 5 large eggs (A size).
Ok lets see how to make this cake

If you want fine crumbs texture, do not omit this step, to sift batter with a strainer. And egg yolk batter is runny at this stage.

Since using water bath method, meringue just beat till soft peak formed. Also to test soft peak is to upside down the mixing bowl, meringue stay still on the bowl.

First mix 1/3 meringue with balloon hand whisk

Then another 2 times, mix with silicone spatula

In order for the sides to look smooth, you have to grease the pan and dust with flour. Also to line bottom with baking paper, and wrap with aluminium foil outside.

After first trial, i realized that when bake with water bath method, the extra pan to hold the cake pan must not too large, maybe 1" extra just nice. I noticed when using too large pan( i used the grey rectangular big pan) , the temperature seem higher than using smaller pan to hold. Also not to add too much of hot water in larger pan, 1cm height just nice.

Bake at lowest rack (2nd rack from bottom)
Every oven is difference, please adjust according to your oven. First you bake it with medium heat (for my case 160C) till the cake risen up and start to turn light brown, before it starting to crack, reduce temp to lower heat (for my case 140C) continue to bake it till cooked. So for the first time, please monitor the cake while baking, so you can adjust the right temp and baking time.

Love the fine crumbs of this cake!! But i still facing problem with sticky cake surface when upside down the cake . Due to water bath method? if you know the reason, please tell me.

Thus the latest batch, i did not upside down the cake. Once cake removed from oven, immediately i removed cake pan and baking paper, it has no shrinkage , perfect!

Pandan Coconut Ogura Chiffon Cake班兰椰奶相思戚风蛋糕
*for a 7” square aluminium pan (NOT a non-stick), removable bottom

5 egg yolks ( A size) , ~93g
1 whole egg (A size), ~58g
40g corn oil or vegetable oil
2tsp homemade pandan extract, refer recipe here. (if you don't have homemade pandan extract, you can blend pandan leaves with coconut milk, and get 90g of pandan coconut juices)
80g coconut milk ( I use fresh coconut milk) , or replaced with fresh milk
85g cake flour, Top flour or low protein flour ( I use Japanese cake flour)

5 egg white (A size), ~184g
85g caster sugar
1/4tsp cream of Tartar

1. Pre-heat oven to 160C and place racking at the 2nd from lowest. Grease the side of the pan with corn oil, dust with cake flour, then line paper on the bottom. Also wrap with a piece of aluminium foil (half of cake pan) and secure it.
2. Add whole egg with egg yolks, lightly stir well with balloon hand whisk.
3. Add in corn oil, stir well to combine. Add in coconut milk and pandan extract, mix well.
4. Add in cake flour and stir to mix well. Sift through the batter with a strainer into a clean mixing bowl (To have fine crumbs).
5. Add cream of tartar into egg white, beat till foamy. Gradually add in sugar in 3 batches and beat till soft peak formed (when you lift up and upside down the bowl, meringue stay still on the bowl).
6. Take 1/3 meringue and mix with egg yolk batter using a balloon hand whisk. Change to silicone spatula, fold in 1/3 of meringue till slightly combine, then fold in balance 1/3 meringue and gently fold till mix well. Pour batter into the prepared cake pan (pour from 2’ height as to remove air bubbles), also lightly tap on countertop to remove air bubbles.
7. Place cake pan in another bigger pan ( about 1” extra but not too big), fill with hot water about 1cm height. Bake at 160C for 35mins, reduce to 140C for 35-40mins. Every oven is difference, please adjust temperature accordingly.
8. You may invert the cake after took out from oven (if you don’t face cake surface stick to wire rack problem), otherwise remove cake from the entire cake pan as soon as it took out from oven, this is to minimize shrinkage. Let it continue to cool completely on a wire rack before cutting the cake. If can't finish the cake on the same day, store the cake inside the fridge.

Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


Cass @ 揾到食 said...


rachel said...


Andre Cheung said...

The cake is so beautifully soft!

Anonymous said...

So lovely n soft! Can this be baked in silicone cup cake mould?

Sharon 之味 said...


Kitchen Corner said...

Perfectly baked!! Thanks for sharing. . I shall try it.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Zoe, i am afraid it will difficult to remove from silicone cup cake mould, anyway, you can try it out and see the outcome.

My Little Space said...

The texture looks stunning. So smooth & soft. I tempted to make one too. Yummm... Enjoy & have a great week ahead dear.
Blessings, Kristy

Eric Won said...

Wow, the texture looks so fine! Good job!

Tan Alicia said...

Hi Sonia, i tried ur recipe just now. Top was beautiful and it rose well. However, after removing from the baking tin (as per your insttuctions), the side shrank a lot. Can see about 4 or 5 layers of 'fats'
May i know how i can get smooth and tall cake after removal of baking tin?

By the way, i followed ur recipe to the T.
Luv the texture and flavour but not the look of it.
Thank you!


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Alicia, I suspect maybe you have over mixed the batter? Or it under baked( maybe you can increase temp on 2nd part to 150C) . make sure meringue just beat till soft peak only , fold it gently till mix well .

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia. I am Lee. I love your blog and I have tried out this recipe. But the cake cannot last long, is it normal? It can only last for 2 nights. :(

Tan Alicia said...

Sonia, i tried again today but sadly, the ugly fats appeared again! I beat my meringue till soft peak and mixed batter gently. Increased baking time to 150C for 30 min and 130C 60 min...still cannot!
I baked halfway and the water bath dried up! Help!!!


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Anonymous, yes as what i wrote in the recipe, you have to store in the fridge as this cake has too much of eggs and moist texture , so it will not last long in room temp. Best you store in the fridge when done it the same day . We found it still taste nice even kept in the fridge .

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Alicia, thought i asked you to increase the temp ? when you use 130c is quite low, afraid cake is not baked well. Maybe you try 160 then lower to 150C and adjust timing accordingly . If water too fast dry up, then you may slightly increase water amount .

Tan Alicia said...

Okok will bake again using ur tips given. Will update u again. Thx!


Yannie said...

Amazing bake, so fluffy and beautifully done. I love this so much.

syasya said...

I love the beautiful....

rebecca wong said...

Sonia, i tried 3 times. T base of t cake is 2 mm hard but t rest is fluffy. I put t batter baking pan onto 1 cm hot water pan n put on oven 160c pre-heated oven.

Wat is t reason putting t aluminium foil around t baking pen Sonia?

serenelyt said...

Hi if i bake in 9 inch square pan, ingredient to double up?

Rachel Yee said...


Joyxx Toh said...

Just to clarify on the pandan extract. Can I use pandan paste instead of extract? I Don quite understand the part on if I do not hv pandan extract I can mix the pandan leave with coconut milk. So it's 2 tsp of pandan extract or 90g coconut milk? Cos there's one more ingredient which is the 80g coconut milk... pls advise... thanks..

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Joyxx, if you do not want to use homemade pandan extract , then you can blend pandan leaves and milk to get 90g pandan milk. If you use homemade pandan extract then add 80g milk only , don't need to blend. Sorry to confuse you .

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Sonia,
How come the bottom part of my cake is not cook?
Can you teach me how to use the oven?
Please advice..

Belinda Lee said...

Hi Sonia,
How come the bottom part of my cake is not cook?
Can you teach me how to use the oven?
Please advice..

Siska said...

Hi Sonia, I really like pandan chiffon cake. Tried couple times, but no luck with other recipes. Hope, this time it will success to make it with your recipe. Just wandering, do you use upper heat or bottom heat or both? Thanks.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Siska, I use both upper and bottom heat.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Belinda, I suggest you put the cake pan one level up as I suspect bottom heat is not enough , every oven is differences so you need to study and adjust accordingly .

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Rebecca, I guess the bottom heat is not enough that's why you have a layer of hard bottom cake , bring cake tin one level up .the aluminum foil is to prevent water go in as I use removable bottom pan .

Chew Li Yin said...

This looks really good, will try this recipe very soon after my busy semester haha :) About the sticky surface, i do heard people said when ur cake is done, raise the top heat to high and 'broil' the cake for 3-5 min to remove the moisture on the surface. Not sure if it works as i never try it

Anonymous said...

You wrote: "beat till soft peak formed (when you lift up and upside down the bowl, meringue stay still on the bowl)." Isn't that is "stiff peak"?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Anonymous, not only stiff it can stay , but started from soft peak , the meringue must stay after upside down otherwise the meringue is too weak and not stable

Liana Lioe said...

Hi Sonia, at your last batch you said you didnt upside down the cake but immediately remove the cake pan and baking paper. What I want to ask, how to remove the cake pan if I do not upside down the cake? Pls teach me, I failed in doing this and the sponge cake too. Thank u

abbychai said...

时间到时烤多15minutes 就可以了

abbychai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abbychai said...

如果用活模就不用反 。

abbychai said...

Ready 1 big baking paper on rake... turn the cake faster.. up side down.. remove the mould.. turn over the cake 1 more time..must tahan panas both hands

Anonymous said...

Tried baking this today and it was a success!! Have not have much success with chiffon cakes so this was very good!
Cake is very moist, not too sweet. Only problem was the top cracked. Reckon my oven is too hot. So will need to reduce heat to about 150 and then 140 I think. Thanks for the recipe!! :)

BP said...

Iv made this cake using the pandan flavour from best came out just perfectly springy with the perfect crumb. I decided to make the same cake with the fresh extract.I tried making the fresh pandan extract but it tastes bitter. It has a fresh and grassy taste but a bitter afternote. So im unsure if I cud use it to make the cake. So plz give me suggestions.Thanx in advance.

Sharon Chin said...

Thank you for the recipes! My cake turns out very well! The cake itself is soooo soft & the texture is soo fine..When you take a tasted so luxurious..I wish I can post some pictures here..Anyway,Thanks again! Hope to have new delicious cake recipe coming soon

Sharon Chin said...

Hi BP..I use original pandan leaves in this recipe too,the pandan taste come out jz nice,not too strong coz natural ingrnt cant compare with artificial.
In another way,you mean your pandan has a bitter taste,I think you might get another wrong species of leaves which looks alike pandan..Cause I Once tried to cook Barley drink and put a small bunch of pandan,then it comes out bitter taste.My friend told me which I used is another species of leaves which look like pandan.So try to buy new pandan leaves and use it in your receipe~

BP said...

Thank u so much for the advice sharon. May be I will hv to check if the plant is a different species. Iv used the leaves in soups and curries....then it isnt bitter...its the extraction of the juice which has turned out bitter. May be I shd try getting a new plant as the leaves are not.sold here in india.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Sharon , Thanks for your help to reply BP.

BP, you should not use the top layer of homemade pandan extract which is clear color and taste bitter, only use the dark green layer which is sink at the bottom.

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