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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mr & Mrs. Piggy Mooncakes 小猪猪传统月饼

I have been seeing few bloggers made this popular piggy mooncakes from Anncoo's blog. Finally I also made this piggy mooncakes. Thanks to Ann for this wonderful recipe. It was fun when making this little piggy ^_^.

piggy3 copy

I just made a small changes. Top with a flower for Mrs. Piggy and a hat for Mr. Piggy (Thanks to my little boy Desmond helping me to do the little hat) 
piggy2 copy

piggy4 copy

The first thing is to find a good pair of black beans for the piggy. A pair of nice eyes is very important for this piggy. Thanks to Jessie for sharing this tip and few other tips.

Preparing the dough. First mix syrup, alkaline and cooking oil in a mixing bowl, lets it rest for 1-2hrs. Then pour the mixture into flour ( I use Hong Kong flour) and knead to a smooth dough. Let it rest for another 1-2hrs. The two resting is to get nicer skin ( Thanks to my friend Katherine sharing with me this tip, even though she is selling mooncakes too).

All ingredients and tools are ready
pig9 copy

Lets start shaping piggy mooncake.
Roll into egg shape, place on the plastic sheet, then pull the plastic sheet to the edge of table (As for easy to shaping the piggy )

pig11 copy

Use a metal teaspoon (I use 1/4tsp) to press piggy eyelids
pig12 copy

use the satay skewer to press a straight line to make the piggy's chin
pig13 copy

Then press a straight line at the right and left side for the legs..
pig14 copy
press black beans below the eyelids

pig15 copy
pinch off 3pcs of small round dough for ear and nose, and roll a 1cm straight dough for the tail

pig16 copy

press one tiny ball below the eyes as piggy's nose
pig17 copy

using a toothpick (remove the end) to make two holes at the nose
pig18 copy

Place flat tiny ball at above the eyelids
pig19 copy

use satay skewer to press a V on the ear 
pig20 copy

turn the piggy around with the plastic sheet and press a short straight line (for "Pi Ku" ^_^)
pig21 copy

take the tiny straight  dough, press one end above the line and then twist the tail . A bit tricky but fun to make the tail, hehehe..
pig22 copy
Mr & Mrs Piggy mooncakes is done
pig28 copy

pig24 copy

pig25 copy

pig26 copy

piggy copy

piggy5 copy

You may refer to few of my blogger friend's piggy mooncakes. They also done a good job:-
1. Helena's kitchen - Indian style
2. Jessie Cooking Moments - cute baby style
3. Crystal - rustic style
It is fun to make this piggy mooncakes, lets join me and make some for your family..

Piggy Mooncakes小猪猪传统月饼
(Recipe source: adapted from Ann@AnncooJournal )
piggy6 copy *Makes 10

To make dough
300g Plain Flour
180g Golden Syrup
6g Alkaline Water or Lye Water
76g cooking oil (I use Knife brand)

10 x 70g Lotus Paste, store bought

Tools to make piggy shape:
1 x 1/4tsp spoon
1 satay skewer
1 toothpick, remove away the end
A small piece of plastic sheet

20 Black Beans, rinsed & pat dry

Egg wash- 1 egg yok + 1tsp milk (lightly whisk to combine)  
Method- click here to view the details steps that shared by Ann.

Bake at 180C for 5mins, rest for 15mins, apply egg wash, bake again at 140C (fan forced) for 25mins (adjust oven temperature according to your type of oven, every oven is difference). Store for 2-3 days before consume (to let the skin turned soft).

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