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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pain Autumn ( wholemeal Artisan Bread) 全麦面包

Personally I prefer French bread more than Asian soft bread, example like Baguette or Pain de champagne a.k.a country bread, love the crisp crust and a chewy and soft crumb. Since I learned how to make overnight sponge dough, I have been using this sponge dough to make this type of French bread and I usually made wholemeal type.

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Now I have running out of idea what background and setting to take photo. I was searching for a rustic look of setting, look like this drawer is perfectly matched. I cleared out the things inside this drawer and took the photo here, crazy me, LOL..
wmb5 copy

In order to achieve crisp crust, you have to spray water few times while baking..

wmb4 copy

I use blade from shaving to make the cuts, in fact it is very effective !

I followed the shape as shown in this Japanese cookbook, so I also follow the same name as Pain Autumn. In actual fact, I seem couldn't locate this Pain Autumn name when I google search.

Pain Autumn ( Wholemeal French Bread) 全麦面包
(recipe source: by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)

Overnight sponge dough
215g wholemeal flour
125g water
2g instant yeast (1/2tsp)


1.        Add all ingredients in a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients to a rough dough by hands , the dough is dry and rough and don't need to knead till pass window pane. Cover tightly with cling film and immediately store in the fridge for overnight (at least 12hours) or up to one week.

To prepare wholemeal bread
1 quantity of above overnight sponge dough
wmb2 copy 85g high protein flour or bread flour
30g water
1tbsp Olive oil
1/2tsp instant yeast
1tsp sea salt


1.Tear the overnight sponge dough into pieces and add all ingredients, knead till smooth dough and elastic. (I use KA mixer, knead about 15mins). Cover with cling film and set aside to proof till double in size
2. Punch down the dough to expel air, equal divide the dough to 3 portions, shape into oval shape.Let it proof for another 30-45mins. Dust with bread flour, and make few diagonal cuts with sharp knife.
3..Bake at pre-heated oven at 200C (fan forced) for 15mins or until golden brown. Place two bowls of boiling water underneath as to create steam and spray water from time to time (I spray 3 times), this is to create thick crust and soft and chewy crumb.

Sometime we use this bread to prepare sandwich like this (posted in my Instagram), and my hubby also like to spread with peanut butter..

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