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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Golden Ingot Pineapple Tarts 金元宝黄梨酥~~欢喜过马年

After busy for about two weeks, I have almost done all the CNY cookies, still have two more cookies to go which I have to use up the leftover egg whites. Beside almond flakes crisp, another cookies is ice cream cookies(meringue cookies) which most of the small girls love it. By popular demand,  I have made 8 red canisters of pineapple tarts, this time I made into nastar shape which is easy and quick to handle, but I also try out a new shape- Golden Ingot which look golden and prosperous!

I was inspired by Honey Bee Sweet's ingot pineapple tarts when she posted in her Instagram. On the few days later, I discovered this ingot mould at the usual bakery ingredients shop, so no think twice, i bought it immediately. I still using my prefer pineapple tarts recipe (for my record only, I use 6g filling and 10g pastry) to make this.

Before bake, they look so golden !!
In every red canister to be given out, I also place one golden ingot pineapple tarts, so the recipient also Huat Ah ! ^_^
Wishing you a Golden Horse Happy Lunar New Year 2014, and more Ong Lai comes to you!!

在这里,祝福大家有个黄金的快乐年 !!
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