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Pandan Sponge Cake 班兰海绵蛋糕

If you want a sponge cake not using water bath method, smooth top, minimal shrinkage and light, this is the recipe. I still prefer to use earlier basic plain sponge cake recipe but this time made into pandan flavours which using homegrown pandan leaves, so natural green and aromatic!

Here are the simple steps like making chiffon cake

beat meringue till firm peaks formed but not stiff peaks (this stage hard to fold with egg yolk batter)

Batter is almost 80%full

First bake at low temp at 140C

Then increase to 170C ,cake start to rise

I will advise you to upside down the cake pan soon removed from oven. If you want a nice dome shape, then you have to remove cake immediately from cake pan soon took out from oven. But you have to do it fast, otherwise you can see a bit collapse at the bottom (certain part only).

Pandan Sponge Cake 班兰海绵蛋糕
*make a 7” round cake (with removable bottom cake pan), height is 3”

4 egg yolks (large or A size)
20g caster sugar
50g corn oil
65g Pandan Milk ( Blend 30g fresh pandan leaves with 100g water, extract juices and weight 65g)
90g cake flour

4 egg white (large or A size)
1tsp lemon juices
60g caster sugar

1. Lightly whisk egg yolk with sugar.
2. Add in corn oil, stir to combine. Then add in pandan milk, stir to combine well.
3. Add in cake flour, stir to mix well, set aside.
4. Add lemon juices into egg white, beat till foamy.
5. Gradually add in sugar, beat till close stiff peaks or firm peaks (hand mixer speed 2 takes about 4mins)
6. Take 1/3 portion of meringue and use hand balloon whisk to mix with egg yolk mixture till light.
7. Fold 1/3 of meringue into egg yolk mixture, use a silicone spatula, fold well. Then fold in the balance of meringue, fold to combine.
8. Pour batter into the pan (don’t need to line with paper. If you only have a normal cake pan, then line the side and bottom with baking paper, and remove cake from cake pan soon removed from oven), bake at pre-heated oven at 140c for 25mins (at lower rack, place 2nd rack from lowest), then increase to 170C and continue to bake for 30mins.
9. Immediate invert the cake pan on a wire rack. Let it cool about 10-15mins, remove cake from the cake pan and continue to cool on wire rack. If you want to maintain nice dome shape, then you have to remove the cake from cake pan once removed from oven, continue to cool on a wire rack.

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


Alice Boey said...

Hi....I wonder can I use premix sponge flour for this??


Katie Foong said...

I made it yesterday, thanks

Rachel Yee said...


Monster Mum said...


Thanks for your tutorial.. May I ask if I don't make my own pandan juice, can use coconut milk with pandan paste? How much do I add for the milk and paste? Thanks

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Monster Mum, did you meant store bought pandan paste? i am not sure, since i never buy outside pandan paste, maybe 1/2tsp-1tsp. If you are using homemade concentrated pandan paste, then add 1tbsp.

Monster Mum said...

Thanks thanks for the reply

Anonymous said...


"Pandan milk" - do you mean blending pandan leaves with milk or just water would do?

Thanks in advance.


Faizah Zaini said...

Hi ..
i love pandan sponge cake, tq for sharing

Yeow Shaann said...

30g pandan leave approximate hw many pandan leave?

Yeow Shaann said...

30g pandan leave approximate hw many pandan leave?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia,
How do I cool the cake and keeping the smooth dome shape?? I tried your golden sponge cake and it turns out great.. but I have problem at the cool part.. I inverted the cake and I got line markings on the cake.. how to cool cake and have nice smooth top like yours?? Pls advise thank you once again for sharing such wonderful recipe..

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Joan, if you want to have smooth dome shape, then you have to remove cake from the cake pan soon after you took out from the oven.

Girlie said...

Hi, Sonia, i cant find cake flour in Aus... Can i use low protein flour instead?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Girlie, yes you can , cake flour is low protein flour actually.

irene said...

My cake raise like hua kuek. in the middle it has air. Can you advise.

candice said...

Hi sonia,if I use 9 inch springform pan..what is the ideal baking time and temperature ? Tq :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

irene, it is hard to advise you as there are many causes for a failed cake.

candice, try 140c for 30mins, 170C for 35mins, or else monitor during the baking time and adjust accordingly.

Mandy Khoo said...

Hi Sonia,

Tried this recipe and it's awesome! Thanks for the recipe.

But i do find problem when I cut the cake, the knife actual stick to the sago layer and can not get a nice slice out.

Do you have the same problem? Or maybe i shd reduce the water to 100gm instead of 125gm?



Rachel Yee said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, ive tried this recipe about 3 times now, and everytime i make it, the sides and top brown alot and it rises at first, but deflates and falls flat after the whole baking process. I am using a non stick, loose base cake pan. is that the reason?

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Anonymous , did you line with paper ? And I suggest you move cake pan one level down .

Anonymous said...

I did not line it with paper.
on another note, i attempted it again today, with a 15cm normal cake pan so i just lined the base of the pan only. The cake cracked alot on top, and when i inverted it, it shrunk so much :( another fail again ...

i have no idea what im doing wrong ...

Unknown said...

If ny oven is fan-forced, do i have to lower the recommended temperature by 20°c (120°c then 150°c)?

Twinbaby said...

I have seen receipes using water bath. Did you use water bath for this receipe?
As you mention u use a removable bottom pan, do u still need to invert. Please advise Im still a newbie. Thank you and your receipes are so lovely

Peirong Lin said...

Hi Sonia
Can you advice..what if my oven only has 3 racks, which rack should I use? Because as per ur recipe, it says to bake on the 2nd rack from lowest.
Thanks in advance ~

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Lin, bake at the lowest rack

Tan Kok Yan said...

Hi, I tried yr recipe, tasted great! But few questions:

1. I used a normal cake pan, lined with grease proof paper: why the cake started sweating real quick? and couldn't overturn the cake for too long and had to instantly take out of tin.

2. It was rising well in the oven, but shrinked when taken out. Why?

3. When the cake cooled, the top crust was rather moist. Wonder why?

Hope you can help, thanks!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Tan, if you use normal cake pan, it will be good not to line paper at the sides but only line at the bottom . To avoid it shrink, you have to remove cake as soon as possible from the cake pan. As for why the top moist , sorry I also still finding a way to resolve this problem

Tan Kok Yan said...

Thanks again for the suggestions!

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