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Friday, January 22, 2016

Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies 小熊抱杏仁饼干_2016 CNY cookies 年饼_金猴报春

When i first see this cookie, immediately bookmark to make them because they are so adorable. It was shared by a Japanese chef Maa . Before i can make them, i have to get the cutter first.Later i realized that not just any bear cookie cutter is suitable to make them, some are too short and some are tall.

These are the bear cookie cutters i bought, it came with 3 sizes in one set, but i can only use the smaller size.

I didn't use the original recipe, but i use my own cookie recipe as it can retained its shape after baked.

So adorable right? ^_^

If you are bookmark to try this out, try to reduce 5g of the cake flour, use 165g cake flour first, because i think the texture will be better than using 170g cake flour ( to reduce crack when fold the hands).

Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies 小熊抱杏仁饼干
*makes around 40pcs cookies

90g unsalted butter, room temp.
40g icing sugar, sifted
15g egg yolk (less than 1 egg yolk)
170g cake flour
A pinch of salt

Whole almonds, choose large and nice shape of almond

1.      Bake whole almonds in oven at 180C for 3-5mins, set aside to cool. This step is optional, but if you pre-bake the almond, the almond will be more crunchy and nice.
2.      Cream butter and icing sugar till light and pale.
3.      Add in egg yolk, beat well to combine.
4.      Add in cake flour, mix to become not sticky soft dough.
5.      Use a rolling pin, roll out into thin sheet (~0.3cm).
6.      Use a bear cookie cutter to cut out the shapes.
7.      Place the almond at the centre and have the bear’s hands hugging the nut tightly (if you notice crack, you can use a toothpick to touch up and seal the dough). Prefer to have both hands hug the almond, if just one hand, the nut will easily drop out.
8.      Draw the face with a toothpick.
9.      Bake in pre-heated oven at 150C (fan forced) for 12-15mins. Every oven is difference, please adjust accordingly.
10.   Remove out from oven and let it completely cool down before storing in air-tight container. And try to store them lay down vertically instead of standing up as some nuts might drop off.

           Recipe by Sonia a.k.a Nasi Lemak Lover


Andre C said...

Naww these teddy bears look adorable!

Elena said...

Really cute n lovely. May I ask where you bought the cute bear cutters? Thanks

The Experimental Cook said...

So cute! Lots of work but definitely a conversation piece in itself.

Small Kucing said...

these are so cute

Nutribullet recipes said...

wao! great! cute doll and cute food. nice

Joceline Lor said...

哇! 好可爱哦

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