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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lucas's Birthday

Yesterday 6th Apr was my elder son (Lucas) 9th years old birthday, and this was also my first time bake a birthday cake for him.

1) Birthday cake (sponge cake)

- Lucas requested a chocolate cake, thus I added a lot of chocolate powder but the cake turn out not as expected ( hard and didn't expand, maybe I added too much of chocolate powder, or maybe I should add some baking powder).

- No choice I bake another one, this time I didn't add anything, just basic sponge cake, it turn out very well.

- This was my first time decorated a birthday cake, together with my kids.

- I placed the failed one-chocolate cake at the bottom and good one on the top, the cake taste ok but a bit hard, maybe next time I should bake "Chiffon cake" instead, like Felvinc was doing.

2) I also prepared some kid's favorite dish-fried rice, fried potato chips and chicken nugget, few red eggs (must have when birthday) and their favorite sushi from Jusco.

3) Pineapple fried rice- learned from a TV show ( not sure the name, what" stylish man xxx).
The taste was very delicious and yummy.

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