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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disneyland, Hong Kong

Finally, I can continue reading my favorite blog and put up my blog post, my house internet modem was broken since Sunday, just replaced with a new one today.
To continue with my Hong Kong trip, visit to Disneyland is a must since I bring my kids along.
I do not want to show you all those cartoon characters e.g Mickey Mouse, Pluto and etc, these are too common for you, just like to share with you the surroundings.

1 IMG_0737

1 IMG_0751

1 IMG_0743

1 IMG_0883

-She is so pretty..

1 IMG_0893

1 IMG_0858

1 IMG_0869

1 IMG_0842

-Actually I dont know what is the name of this cartoon character, but she is so tall !!!

1 IMG_0813

-Disneyland in the evening time...

1 IMG_0919

1 IMG_0930

- we stayed up to 7pm just wanted to watch this fireworks show, I have tried my best to take these night shots.

1 IMG_0962

1 IMG_0960

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