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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Winter Solstice/ Tang Yuan celebration !!!

I saw a lot of bloggers already posted "Tang Yuan" , why I'm late? This is because I almost forgot today is " Tang Yuan" celebration, hehehe, till my previous babysitter called me to invite my kids go to her house to celebrate "Winter Solstice", then I just realized it. So I quickly ran to supermarket to buy a packet of glutinous rice and cook the "Tang Yuan". If you do not know why Chinese celebrate the "Winter Solstice', you may refer to "Dodol & Mochi", she has a quite detail explanation.
I still prefer the simple way of "Tang Yuan", this was served when I was a child, my mum just cook this simple way, no fancy ingredients added, also partly we were poor at that time..


-Desmond help me to shape "Tang Yuan"..



Simple recipe:-

To prepare dough:-
Glutinous rice flour - 200g

-mix all ingredients and knead to a smooth dough. Shape into small round shape.

To prepare" Tang Yuan":-

1. Boil a pot of water, add few knotted pandan leaves and few slices of ginger, season with sugar.
2. Add in "Tong Yuan", once "Tong Yuan" float, then is ready to serve.

Happy Winter Solstice !!
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