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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homemade Candy Haws (Tanghulu) 冰糖葫芦

I have never eaten the real Candy Haws(Tanhulu)冰糖葫芦 (A snack food popular in China that is made from sugar coated haws, yam or other fruit skewered on a bamboo stick; similar to candied apples, also 糖葫芦) in China before. Last week, i got a chance to try it at the "Beijing street Setia Alam" show organized by the house developer at my place.

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦

The candy haws that i tried was not using the real fruit which is Haw (we can't find this fruit here) but instead they use cherry tomatoes and grapes. The taste was incredible, first bite is a very crispy sugar coated skin and followed by sour juices burst from the cherry tomato, that was really YUMMY!
I am very thick skin and asked for the recipe from that guy preparing this candy, but i have no luck ^_^ .. Anyway, I managed to find a good video showing how to prepare this candy and immediate i try this at home.

1. prepare fruits on the bamboo sticks.

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦

2. Cook sugar and water, Do Not try to stir the sugar!

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦

3. Big bubbles generated over high heat

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦

4. Light golden colour and small bubbles appears and it is ready to coat the fruit

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦

You can also replace with other type of fruits eg strawberry, berries & etc! This is also a great snack for a party, all kids will love this!

Happy Trying !!

Homemade Candy Haws (Tanghulu)冰糖葫芦
(recipe source: by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover)

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦200g coarse sugar
100g water

Cherry tomatoes

Bamboo sticks

1. Thread two cherry tomatoes and one grape through a bamboo stick. Complete all fruits before cooking syrup.
2. Add sugar and water in a heavy bottom saucepan, cook over medium low heat for 5 mins. Do not stir the sugar!
3. Increase to high heat, continue to boil for 5mins. There will be full of big bubbles.
4. Change to low heat (smaller bubbles now), syrup is formed with light golden colour, dip bamboo stick with fruits in the syrup and quickly coat a thin layer. Enjoy!!

Candy Haws (Tanhulu) 冰糖葫芦

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