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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾, an award

I made this Wu Har before Chinese New Year Eve. Thinking not to post it since CNY already over. Anyway, I still post it here for a record and also not to waste my effort taken so many pictures ^_^

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾

I have never eaten this taro ball before until i saw in Wendy's blog, and later I also saw in Lily's blog. After watched the Hong Kong video which they provided and I tell myself i have to try this..

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾

We really impressed with this Wu Har, very cripsy and fragrant especially the good smell from coriander..

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾

If you know Cantonese, you have to watch this Hong Kong video, it is very useful. And i followed the Hongkies way of shred the taro, which is slice with a knife and shred with a peeler. And i find this way is fast and easy.
For those uneven size of taro, i did not throw it away, still try to shred and fry it, and it still taste good. My personal opinion, do not shred taro too thin, about 2-3mm is the best, like the Hongkies way.

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾

I followed to Lily's seasoning method which added extra salt and sugar, more taste indeed..And Chinese coriander is a must in this recipe, it is so fragrant after fried..

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾
Recipe source: Recipe adapted from Wendy (Table for 2 or more ) and Lily’s Wai Sek Hong , and video

250gm taro shreds

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾2 Tbsp glutinous rice flour
½ tsp chicken stock powder
1/8tsp Chinese 5 spice powder
Dash of pepper
1/4tsp salt
1/2tsp sugar

2 Tbsp sesame seeds

Chinese coriander, washed and air dried (must have)

1. Slice taro with a knife into 2-3mm thickness, then shred with a peeler.
2. Mix the seasonings together, then toss it into the weighed taro shreds. When it turns slightly sticky, put in the sesame seeds and toss it around to stick well.
3. Heat up cooking oil over low medium heat, roll up taro with coriander into small ball.
4. Put the shaped taro shreds into a heated wire ladle and deep fry.
5. Release from ladle and fry until both sides are golden and drain on paper towels.
6. When Wu Har has cooled, place each Wu Har on a paper liner and keep in air tight container.

Note: If you want to double this recipe, then you need to do it by two batches as taro get too sticky after seasoned and will clump together

Wu Har (Crispy Taro ball) 港式芋虾

I place the Wu Har in paper cup which can easily absorb the extra oil. I find the Wu Har lost crispyness after stored it 2 days in a Tupperware container, maybe next time i should try to store it in a Milo tin.

Thank you to these ladies who given me this lovely award, appreciate much!

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