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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffee Shop - Chong Foh

This is another my favorite coffee shop (Chong Foh) for breakfast. They have best coffee 'kaw' and roti kahwin (very nice kaya, they own made kaya). Fried Kuay Teow, dried curry mee, Wan Tan Mee, popiah and etc are also available. This coffee shop is quite packed especially during breakfast time.

1) Coffee O 'kaw'

2) Usually husband and I like to order this Kuay Teow soup

3) Roti Kahwin ( own made kaya)

4) You can even bring home the bread and kaya

5) Shop

1 comment:

Penny said...

sonia...好感动哦。。。就是他了!如果我要去时,再跟你拿他的direction...I miss the kopi-o so much! 要哭了!是不是越难得到的,就越想念!Yes agreed, the roti kahwin i tried too but i dunno it's called roti kahwin haha..i love tat also! 我是面包人来的,可以餐餐都吃面包!

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