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My Pantry 食材

Ayam Rendang ingredients

Szechuan Peppercorns

Stir fried chayote and beef

Barley  beancurd dessert with Ginkgo

Ginkgo nuts

Barley  beancurd dessert with Ginkgo

Beancurd sheet

Barley  beancurd dessert with Ginkgo

Homemade crispy fried shallots

Scallion/Spring onion

Black pepper Scallion beef

Eryngii mushroom

Stir- fried Eryngii mushroom

Chinese five-spice powder 五香粉

Chicken Ngoh Hiang (deep fried beancurd rolls) 五香

Japanese Miso
Miso Chicken stir-fry

Dark/ Thick caramel sauce

Braised bamboo shoot with chicken wings

small dried shrimps 蝦米(hae bi)

King of soy sauce prawn

Red Yeast paste 紅麴料里醬

Red Yeast Marble Chiffon Cake  紅麴大理石戚风蛋糕

Tong Choy (Chinese preserved vegetables)

Glass noodles soup 冬粉汤

Preserved salted black beans

preserved salted black beans

Chinese salted plums

fermented soy bean paste

From the left--> honey, prawn paste, Marmite yeast extract, Maltose

Sweet soy sauce


Vietnamese fish sauce


Japanese Shichimi Togarashi 七味唐辛子(辣椒粉)


Nam Yue (red fermented beancurd) , Shanghai brand

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