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Monday, November 29, 2010

My entry to Wendy's sponge pancake giveaway

In order to support Wendy's latest sponge pancake giveaway, I have created two recipes and here are my submission:

1st Entry-Green Tea sponge pancake with red bean paste

My entry to Wendy's sponge pancake giveaway

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fragrant stir fried curry shrimps

Tasted this fragrant stir fried curry shrimps in one of the restaurant recently, i tried to cook this dish at home, very nice and full of curry aroma. If you would like to try this dish, please use small shrimps, it taste better this way.

Fragrant stir fried curry shrimps

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes, and meeting Jane

Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes

My daughter chosen this Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes from the cupcakes book given as a gift from Jane and she ask me to guide her to make her 1st cupcakes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Steamed fermented soy bean chicken

Steamed fermented soy bean chicken

Here is a very simple home cook steamed tauchu (fermented soy bean) chicken dish that goes well with steam rice.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dreamworld, Gold Coast Australia

I have to quickly post all the photos for my recent Gold Coast Australia trip (last two months ago) when my memory still fresh.....
I have forgotten which day we visited Dreamworld, but this fun place is a must visit place if you bring kids along..

Dreamworld, Gold Coast Australia

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stir fried chayote and beef

School holidays has been started, and I know i will have less time to update my blog and sorry for not often visit your blog during this period. You know, i just can't concentrate and sitting down there doing my own things, my kids just have too many requests...
Ya, back to dish that I going to post here, i saw this dish in a TV food show, a Vietnamese way of stir fry chayote. We like this dish, the chayote tasted sweet and crunchy, simply delicious.

Stir fried chayote and beef

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ayam Rendang (Rendang chicken)

Yesterday I noticed that the usual Malay stalls in the wet market selling more herbs than usual, they also selling those daun palas (palm leaves) and coconut leaves for ketupat. I just realized that Hari Raya Haji just around the corner as Malay need all these ingredients to cook Rendang and ketupat. I also take this opportunity to buy some fresh herbs to cook my favourite Ayam Rendang (Rendang chicken) and also learnt how to prepare ketupat daun palas ( palm leaves glutinous rice cake) from a Malay makcik (auntie).

Ayam Rendang

Monday, November 15, 2010

Desmond's graduation day

My little son Desmond was graduated last Sat, just like to share with you some of the photos taken at the graduation concert day and keep the sweet memory in my blog here.

Desmond's graduation day

his teacher make up for him...
Desmond's graduation day

he even asked me the put colours spray on his hair..
Desmond's graduation day

waiting for his turn to perform
Desmond's graduation day

perform on the stage
Desmond's graduation day

I'm ready to go primary school lo...
Desmond's graduation  day

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tupperware Tiffin contest - Don't Call Me Chef

When Ivy Soon (The  Hungry Caterpillar) from Star Publications told me there is a tiffin contest-Don't Call Me Chef organized by Star Publications in collaboration with Tupperware who will be giving away some good prizes. She wish i can join this contest since I cooking a lot. I immediate called to my mom and asked her to search for me the only tiffin carrier (we call as " Kei Chan " in Hokkien ) left in my family. This tiffin carrier has been around 50 years in my family since my grandmother's time.


I believe this old fashion tiffin carrier will definitely bring me some good luck, so I actually thinking to join this contest.

I also like to extend this invitation to my fellow Malaysian bloggers and readers, I wish your could also participate this contest and bring the tiffin lunch back into your lives and same time to support re-use and re-cycle campaign (No plastic bag) which organized by local Governements here.

Write up by Ivy Soon of Don' Call Me Chef:-

LONG before there were plastic bags and disposable containers, tiffin carriers were used to store and carry food. Tiffin carriers are stackable, multi-tiered containers that are looped to a handle with latches on the side. The separate containers allowed for the different dishes to be stored separately, and it usually even comes with a plate.

Originally from India, it was invented as the carry-all for workers to pack their lunch to take to the office.
In Mumbai, India, there is a highly efficient service that delivers tiffin lunches to office workers and schoolchildren. Dabbawallas (meaning one who carries a box) collect tiffin boxes from homes, and deliver them to offices, and then return them to the respective homes.
Tiffin carriers are also used here, and elsewhere in Asia. They are usually made of stainless steel, or enamel.
Tiffin carriers are suitable for packing Asian meals, as we can keep our rice, curry or soup, and other dishes separately. We also use them for noodles, packing the noodles, garnishings and gravy in different containers. These tiffin carriers are not only functional but environmentally friendly as well.
Inspired by the tiffin carrier, Tupperware is launching its BYO (Bring Your Own) TaPau multi-tiered containers, which are designed to hold our favourite soup-based noodles and rice dishes. As with all Tupperware Brands products, it is made made from safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and microwaveable materials and do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents. The BYO TaPau Set also reduces plastic waste and garbage. It is toxin-free, and is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, styrofoam boxes and disposable containers.

In conjunction with the launch of this product, Don't Call Me Chef will be celebrating the tiffin carrier in our next issue. We'd like you to join us, and share your favourite tiffin lunch recipes.

Tupperware is giving away a RM1,000 hamper of its products, including the BYO TaPau containers, to the senders of the three best entries. We'll also be featuring the winning recipes in next month's Don't Call Me Chef.

All you have to do is:
Share with us your tiffin carrier stories; they could be anything from your memories of tiffin lunches, or a favourite dish you packed for school or the office.

Share your recipes with us.

Cook the dishes and snap a clear photograph (it must be high-resolution and at least 1,000KB) of the meal in a tiffin carrier/bento/container (but without the product name being visible).

E-mail us at dontcallmechef
@gmail.com or snail mail your entries to us at:
Don't Call Me Chef
c/o StarTwo
Star Publications (M) Bhd
Menara Star
15 Jalan 16/11
46350 Petaling Jaya

Closing date: Nov 21

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pau (Chinese steamed buns)

I have finally found a perfect pau (Chinese steamed buns) skin recipe, soft and fluffy and a bit chewy, this is a type of pau skin suits to my preference, I will use this pau skin recipe again and again. Actually I just done pandan kaya , thinking to make Kaya pau tomorrow which is my son Desmond favourite's pau.

Pau (Chinese steamed buns)

Pau (Chinese steamed buns)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Special Terikayi Pork Ribs

Special Terikayi Pork Ribs

Sweet and sour pork ribs is a very common dish in Chinese family, but some time I feel boring keep cooking the same kind of sweet and sour. Thus I play with the sauces that I have in my kitchen and came out with this very fragrant Teriyaki sauce of pork ribs dish, and the taste is very similar to honey sauce pork ribs that serve in outside Chinese restaurants. Feel free to try it out !!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fairy cupcakes

This is the 2nd cupcakes that I baked just now, the request was from my son Desmond. The 1st cupcake that i baked from the cupcakes recipe book (given by Jane) was a Marble Chocolate cupcakes. But this fairy cupcake is not my cup of tea but kids like it as they like the icing frosting.

Fairy cupcakes

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce 香菇肉燥

Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce

This is also another Chinese dish that every Chinese mom know how to cook this.

Braised Mushroom Meat Sauce

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicken and potato stew

This is one of the chicken dish that well received by my family members and also every Chinese mother know how to cook this dish. My version is super simple with just two ingredients (chicken and potato) and two main seasonings (light soy sauce and dark soy sauce).

Chicken & Potato stew

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pandan butter cake, using homemade pandan paste

IMG_4990 1

I like pandan (screwpine) butter cake, but I don't like to add store bought pandan paste as they are too fragrant and artificial. Until I found that we can make pandan paste at home, i immediate bookmarked this recipe but just have time to try out last week. I like the natural green from the pandan paste and the cake smell so good.

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