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Saturday, October 31, 2009

gang dinner at Damansara Village and Sanook Cafe

Yesterday I had gang dinner again, this time we took steamboat at Damansara Village.


-I brought a cotton cheese cake for the gang (very boring ho, everytime also baked cheese cake, hahaha), but this time I added peach (got the inspiration from Ai Wei) and Savoiardi biscuits as the cake base. My gang members all love this cheese cake so much..



-We ordered herbs soup base


-Some of the seafoods that we ordered






- very crowded during dinner time



Sanook Cafe
After dinner, we heading to a Sanook cafe near the Kelana lake for a cup of coffee, this place has a very nice lake view, feel very cosy here..



-Crepe and Tiramisu



-Got Holoween feel right?




Damansara Village located at:-

1067, Jalan Jenjarum, Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara, off Jalan SS23/10, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Open for Dinner 7 nights a week. Reservations: Tel: 03 7803 1832

Sanook cafe located at:-

C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya
SS7/13A Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel:+603 7877 3636


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lets eat green !!!

Let me share some green veggie that I cooked recently.

1. I learnt this from Terri, called Di San Xian (Earth Three Fresh) . I don't have the sweet Chinese soy bean sauce, so I just replaced by normal soy sauce (sweet version too). This is very nice, tasted fried and sweet soy sauce aroma. Check out Terri's blog for this good recipe. Also I like the multiple colours combination in this dish..


2. Stir fry sweet potato leaf with prawn...


3. This was also referring to Terri's recipe too, Cold Bittergourd. I tried this because I feel this recipe is very interesting, no one will eat bittergourd in cold way..If you are a bittergourd lover, check out Terri's blog and give it atry...But don't think I will cook this again, kids doesn't appreciate this..


4. Normal mixed vegetables cooked with oyster sauce, but this time I added zucchini, it was tasted great.


Do Enjoy Cooking Green...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cotton Cheese Cake and Brownies..

We love cotton cheese cake , and I have baked for few times already, the final result also improved a lot if compared to the 1st attempted. This time, I added brownie as the base, and it was by accident, see the reason as below...But this cotton cheese cake is super nice especially with this very rich in chocolate of Brownies.

- see my 1st attempted, look very bad huh......

- the latest result, very smooth on the sides, the important point here is do not line paper on the side of the cake pan.

- and this time it didn't cracked much, because I use higher pan for water bath.. maybe this was the reason..

At first, I wanted to bake a brownies for my husband (his favorite), I was referring to Happy Home Baking's recipe, but I have overbaked it for 10mins. I use skewer inserted into the centre of the cake, it did not comes out clean. So I baked again for another 5mins (tested and again not clean), so another 5mins ( tested and again not clean) , but I realized that I should not continue bake further, and I stopped.................

Resulted I have a very very dry brownie( but the taste was excellent). It became even worst on next day, something like biscuit. No choice, I use this left over brownie, crushed it, add some butter, and it became a very tasty cake base for the cotton cheese cake. I just wonder how could I bake this delicious cheese cake again, that means I need to fail again on brownies, hahaha..

Thanks to Happy Home Baking for sharing this rich chocolate brownie recipe.

Do enjoy baking !!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Banana loaf-something special

After baked banana cake, use the balance bananas, to bake a banana loaf. At least this is something special than the normal loaf.

- you can smell little banana aroma only

- the texture is quite rough, because I did not knead it long enough. The dough was too sticky, since I use hand to knead, quite messy during kneading ......

I was referring to Jane's corner carrot hotel bread, but replaced carrot with banana.
Recipe to share:-

High protein flour 320g
Yeast 1tsp
Sugar 8g
Honey 32g
1 egg (medium size)
110g mashed banana
114g milk
16g butter


1.Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl except butter, mix well till become dough
2.Add in butter and continue knead until elastic, set aside and rest for 60mins.
3.Slightly knead the dough and place into a baking tin ( due to too sticky, can’t roll up like a swill roll)
4.Bake at pre-heat oven for 25mins at 180c or until golden brown.

* do enjoy this bread with peanut butter, good combination..
Do enjoy Baking !!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Banana Cake-nothing special

Usually i don't post on Sunday, but this time is special, I need to show my two camera "sifu" (master) for those photos that I took using my new camera Canon G11. Since my daughter requested for Banana cake, so I quickly bake it so I can take pictures too.

Colin & Bakeling, I took these photos yesterday night, no sunlight to enhance the brightness, no difference from my old camera ho ?
I was adapted recipe from Blessed Homemaker, this Banana cake is very nice, moist and full of natural sweet from Banana. Thanks Blessed Homemaker....
*I only baked half portion from the original recipe, 1 rectangular cake pan and 2 cup cakes
90g butter
75g sugar
1+1/2 egg (medium size) – lightly beaten
125g cake flour
1/2tsp baking powder
1/4tsp baking soda
110gm mashed banana (I use Pisang Emas)
25g Dairy Whipping cream or Evaporated milk

1.Beat sugar and butter till creamy
2.Add in egg and beat till well combined
3.Add in mashed banana and cream till mix well.
4.Add in cake flour, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda and beat for a while only
5.Pour into cake pan, put few slices of bananas on top (optional)
6.Bake at pre-heat oven for 35mins at 180c (or adjust according to your type of oven and cake pan used)

Do enjoy Baking !!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dragon One @ SS2 Petaling Jaya

When we craving for "Xiao Long Bao"/superior stock dumpling , Dragon-I at One U Damansara will be our choice. My daughter just love to eat all kind of pau. I saw Big Boy Oven recommended another place for "Xiao Long Bao" at a restaurant name called Dragon One in SS2 PJ. I just wonder why all this kind of restaurant must have name begins with Dragon......

We visited this restaurant in one of the weekend.

1. Steamed Shanghainese Meat Dumpling with Superior Soup known as “Xiao Long Bao, this is first dish we ordered. But we were quite disappointed, the pau skin is not "Q" enough, and the filling also very normal only. This definitely could not beat with our usual restaurant in One U Damansara.

-My daughter wanted this potsticker (Guo Tie), but again she was disappointed with this too, she said mum did better than this , Hahaha.. we don't like the taste of filling....

-Durian pancake, this one was not disappointed us, this was awesome, the taste was really really nice, no wonder this is NancyMommy's favorite too. Nancy, have you learnt how to make the skin?

-Deep-Fried Prawn Roll with Orange Sauce , very nice too, crispy fried bean curd sheet and flavourful of orange dipping sauce.

-Stir-Fried Bean Sheet with Preserved Vegetables, this was good too, my first time tried this kind of bean sheet, very interesting texture, perfect stir-fried and full of “wok hei.

-Avocado with Kataifi , crispy and crunchy skin with sweet Avocado filling, this was not bad too.

-Shanghainese Style La Men with Crab Roe, the thick soup was very nice, full of crab roe, something similar to Shark fin soup but this with added of La Men. Actually we ordered another La men with wantan, don't order this, very plain soup.

- Inside the restaurant, very Chinese feel of environment..
Above are our own point of view of the foods served there, maybe you have your own point of view. But few of the dishes served here are good, this worth to give it a try, prices are reasonable and good thing is without taxes.
They are located at :-
Add: 59 Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jay, Selangor. (Same row as Murni & Public Bank)Tel: 016-2539899/012-3989803)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thousand Miles Veggie (Thien Ly)

My husband sms me from Ho Chi Minh asked me to buy some beef, then I asked why? He said he will bring back fresh Thousand Miles Veggie all the way from Ho Chi Minh today. This veggie is one of our favorite dish at Hoang Yen restaurant HCM, Vietnam name called "Thien Ly"...I never cook this before, just try to recall my memory and replicate this dish at home..

- Thousand Miles Veggie (Thien Ly) ...

- how a tiny flower veggie..

- want to have some?

-It tasted a bit crunchy and sweet..

Simple recipe to share
Thien Ly (Thousand Miles veggie)
Beef- sliced, marinate with light soy sauce, salt, pepper, Chinese wine and tapioca flour.
Red bell peppers -sliced
1. Heat oil in a wok, add in Thien Ly and little water, quickly stir fry for 1min, seasong with salt.
2. Discard the water and place Thien Ly on a clean plate.
3. Add some cooking oil into the marinated beef, then use a clean non stick pan to quickly stir fry the beef, add red bell peppers, continue stir fry till cooked ( do not over cooked)..
4. Place beef on top of Thien Ly. Serve hot.
Do enjoy cooking !!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ayam Paprik- Kaffir Lime Leaf Mixed Vegetables

I like to eat this Malay style of mixed vegetables when I taking meal in Malay stall, especially the kaffir lime leaf aroma. I couldn't recall the actual name in Malay, don't know what "Ayam xxx", if you know, please tell me.
Latest update- I just knew the actual name in Malay from Pete, "Ayam Paprik"...

Simple recipe to share:-

chicken meat, cut into cube
Long bean
Big onion
young corn
Kaffir lime leaves
Seasoning- oyster sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, salt, sugar.

1. Heat oil in a wok, saute chopped garlic, add in chicken meat and kaffir lime leaves, stir fry till meat turned white.
2. Add in cauliflower, carrot, onion and long bean, mix well.
3. Add some water and cook for few minutes, mix in the seasoning.
4. Dish out and serve hot.
** You may add in other types of veggie e.g brocolli, capsicum & etc according to your preference..

Do enjoy Cooking !!!

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