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Saturday, October 10, 2009

gang dinner at Gold Leaf Village Klang

Once in a month I will have "gang" dinner with my previous office colleagues (my lunch partners in the office last time). Last month, we went to this restaurant which recommended in Axian's show, and it just nearby my house..not sure what to order, so we told the waiter to give us those dishes recommended in Axian's show.

-sweet and sour pork rib, normal only..

_Kuala Selangor sytle of fish, very home cook style of fish.

-butter prawn, normal only..

- quite a special dish, deep fried sweet potato leaf (not too sure because the leaf tasted like biscuit, can't differentiate), to dip with cuttle fish sauce..

-another special dish, deep fried salted egg yolk pumpkin, this is very nice..

- I brought a home baked cotton cheese cake for the gang...

** We feel the dishes served here are quite normal only..except deep fried sweet potato leaf with cuttle fish sauce and deep fried salted egg yolk pumkin, worth to have a try..
**I didn't bring camera, photos are taken by one of the member
If you wish to try out, the Gold Leaf Village Klang is located at:-

Address / 店址:No.45, Jln Satu, Kaw 16, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Berkely Town Centre, 41300 Klang, Selangor.

Tel / 电话:03-3342 2239 / 019-361 4065

Business Hours 营业时间:1000 – 1500 / 1730 – 2200


Beachlover's Kitchen said...

just looking at your dishes make me drooling big time!! nice pretty cheese cake there!!

Reanaclaire said...

hi Sonia.. when u said normal, i was thinking "hai.. normal? to me, they look good" then i remember u r a great chef.. no wonder u said normal.. hahaa.. u can cook anything and better too..
but i like the ones u said nice.. the fried leaves with the sauce and the pumpkin salted egg.. i would love to try those... yummmmy!! but the best is the cotton cheese cake! can add me to the gang? hahhaa...

Palidor said...

The meal looks wonderful. The best part - the cheesecake! You did a fabulous job, Sonia! I'm very intrigued by the sweet potato leaves. I didn't know you could eat the leaves of the plant!

Bakeling said...

Yes , I agree with you , the dishes there were normal enough but friendship is priceless !

The most special was the cotton cheese cake that you spent hours of baking it and shared it with your friends .

ai wei said...

the dishes are quite special, esp the sweet potato leaves and deep fried salted egg yolk pumpkin... but so-so only?!

Anonymous said...

Sonia, this meal looks out of this world. My favorite part of the restaurant meal is the sweet and sour Pork Ribs, but your Cheese Cake looks the absolute BEST ! I can only imagine how good it would have tasted.... Thank you for sharing.

Colin Woon said...

"Gang" dinner - hahaha...which "gang" are you with?

The "normal" dinner looks really delicious to me! Maybe I just miss it too much!

I think the best is still the cotton cheese cake dessert! I like the decoration you put on there.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Beachlover's kitchen,Thanks.

reanaclaire, I have amended my statement, all dish are normal except fried potato leaf and saled egg pumpkin, hahaha..

Palidor, ya, we eat the sweet potato leaf here, in fact, the veggie is very nice, just normal stir fry also very nice...

Bakeling, yo lor, the most special dish is my cotton cheese cake, hahaha.

Ai Wei, ya, that two dishes are special and nice, thus I have amend my statement, you can have a try there..

Nat, thank you for your compliment on my cheese cake.

Colin, this gang are my lunch partner during office time, we went out to take lunch and cari makan-makan, I wish I can go back to this kind of lovely time, too bad, our office already closed and everything moved to China liao..ya, these dishes look not normal for you, because you hardly find this kind of foods over your place, so just see the photos and drooling for them, hehehe..

petite nyonya said...

I miss having such dinners with my gang in KL. The sweet potato leaf is interesting, never seen or eaten it this way before.

Precious Pea said...

AHhh...that reminds me i have yet to blog about this place! We prefer to dine at the restaurant next door, "Village" something...their tofu soup and steamed fish head very nice.

Shandy said...

Your cheesecake is beautiful Sonia! and the photos of the food you all had at the restaurant are amazing to look at, thank you for sharing.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your cheese cake looks really good! Lucky collegues you have there. Man, I really miss eating out in Malaysia.

米亚 said...

mum always order the fish! I remember how it tastes like! I like the salted egg with pumpkin though... something special... i have never tried it before!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Petite,very fun to gather with gang..

Precious, I know that restaurant too, we also like to eat their tofu soup and steamed fish, my personal opinion, this restuarant dishes is better than this one, must go to makan again and take some photos to share with your.

Shandy. Thank u for your lovely words.

LCOM, hahaha,it seem a lot of peoples missing eating out in MY.

Mia,ya, that salted egg pumpkin is good to have a try.

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ. i have been dining here practically every week when i'm back from seremban. i think it's very home cook and my family loves this place. i have been eating here since may 2009 to date and have always been my favourite stop.

Dr W

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