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Monday, January 10, 2011

Potato and meat congee, Desmond entered to primary school

Hi all, how are you, hope you all fine and have a good start of New Year.
Sorry for not updating my blog, this is due to I have a hectic schedule of the past 2 weeks, busy with school started and arranged my little son Desmond entered to primary school. I also helped my sister (who lost her beloved husband last year) on her new house matters (she is going to move near to my area and she is temporary staying with me now) and her kids transferred school matters. Another matter i busy was to furnish my new house, shopping for curtain, sofa, dining table, and etc. I planning to move to my new house in 1-2 weeks time, so I will not have internet connection during this period but I promise I will update my blog soon the connection is up. I hope I'm able to bake some Chinese New Year cookies in my new house and share with your.

pork congee

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