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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hakka Braised Fermented Pork with black fungus

Even we are not a Hakka people, but we like to eat this popular Hakka dish. This dish is easy to cook but just need longer time to braise it. If you dont want to braise, just eat the deep fried Hakka meat, also a good choice.

Recipe to share

Marinate Pork belly with:-
1. red fermented bean curd
2. five-spice powder
3. pepper
4. light soy sauce
5. dark soy sauce (for coloring)
6. sugar
7. shao xing wine
8. sesame oil


black fungus (soak first)
red fermented bean curd
bean sauce (Tau chu)

1. Marinate pork belly for few hours, coat with egg and flour, deep fried till golden brown and set aside.
2. Saute garlic, put in red fermented bean curd and bean sauce, then add in black fungus.
3. Add in enough water and fried pork meat, bring to boil, lower the heat, continue simmer for 45mins or until meat is tender, tasted with salt and sugar.
4. Dish out and serve.
** This dish taste even better if keep it overnight....


Shandy said...

I have never heard of Hakka before but, WoW! does the pictures ever look Yummy. I just love your blog and thank you for sharing pictures showing the surroundings of where you live. Your previous posting of the children at the water playing was beautiful =).

米亚 said...

I had this dish before! It goes well with the black fungus! and I like fried meat... hahaha... a bit salty but delicious and good with rice too!

Nancymommy said...


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Shandy, I have sent you a link and to tell you know more about Hakka cuisine. I love your blog too, a lot of good bakery there.

Mia, ya, just eat the fried meat, also very nice.

Nancy, ya, both way also nice.

Bakeling said...


Colin Woon said...

Me likey this too! Wow! You cooked it well!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Bakeling, will not cook this too often, tend to eat a lot of rice, getting fat lor.

Colin, this is my husband favorite, he even asked me to keep some and left in fridge for overnight, taste even better.

Shandy said...

Emile, The scones would be delicious with raisins instead of the cranberries. What a great idea =).

Anonymous said...

Wow, the looks of this dish so delicious. This is one of my favourite dish, my mum is a typical Hakka, hence she can cook very well on this dish as well. I want take a try to cook this, since your recipe was clear & easily understand :) Cheers,Amy

Anonymous said...

i forgot to tell u ...you are a GOOD & PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, those photos taken was so nice & sharp!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Amy, could you check with your mum whether my dish is similar to her one or not..just to make sure I prepare the correct way. Sorry I didn't provide the measurement, usually I dont record, just use my six sense, hehehe, so you have to agak-agak lor.
Aiyah, that photos was enchance using a software..next time you start your own blog, I will teach you ya.

Annie said...

Sonia, wow yummy yummy!! thanks for sharing the recipe, I love this too!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, I just printed a similar dish on the web (almost the same but the dish doesn't required deep-fried) while looking for ways to use my Nam Yee. Cool!

温馨小屋 said...


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